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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

City Kid In The Country

Good Morning.  I am back.  Last Friday we lost our internet but were lucky enough to have suffered no other damage from Spring storms.  It is the time of year that makes a person pay attention when the weather gets stormy.  My heart goes out to all of those suffering from the recent tornados.  We have known the fear as you watch the sky and see the clouds building and feel the intensity in the very air around you.  We have known the look of that spiraling funnel of destruction.  It is that time of the year.

It is also a time of rebirth bringing an array of beauty.  I love the Spring time as we watch the trees burst into bloom and brilliant blossoms as an array of flowers are seen everywhere.

The Dogwood and Redbud trees have always been favorites of mine.   They remind me of pure white clouds in a green sky.  The fruit trees are always a delight and so many others.  The tiny flowers of the Sassafras trees to the big almost artificial looking Magnolia blossoms make me appreciate this time I have in this life.  There are so many things all around us that bring so much beauty.  They bring other things to those of us who might have allergies.  It reminds me of a little poem I wrote years ago. 

I grew up in the city but have always had a love of the country. We would wait all year long for the time when my father would get his vacation and we would all go camping.  We camped in many different places and shared some beautiful memories.  There came a time in my life when I was able to relocate and live in a more rural area.  I love it.  I love to see the wonders of nature in so many forms.  The flowing dogwood trees are as far as the eye can see back into the forested areas.  Flowers bloom everywhere. 

If you do per chance suffer from allergies or can picture a young person who had always lived in the city read this poem I share,…..  I hope it makes you smile.

City Kid In The Country

I’m going to the country for peace and quiet, you see.
To breath fresh air and get a little rest, that sounds just right to me.
So many smells in that clean fresh air that my nose begins to tingle,
And the peace and quiet that I had found has set my nerves to jingle.

With the peaceful night and stars above, I lay me down to sleep,
But the crickets and bugs, birds, and frogs, made a noise that made me leap.
There’s a ‘Whipper Will’ and an old ‘Bobwhite’ I swear I’d shoot on sight,
And the crickets and frogs were turned on high, kept me up for half the night.

What was that walking in the brush, while the coyotes howled at the moon?
I’ve laid here, eyes wide open, it must be morning soon.
With trees all around the wind blew gently, but rustles all the leaves.
My hay fever I never knew I had, had my system beginning to wheeze.

I finally fell asleep and it feels so good, you know.
The sky turns pink but the sun’s not up, and that silly rooster began to crow.
Chicken and dumplings sounds good for supper, with antihistamines for me too.
This is the quiet of the country?  What’s a city kid to do?

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