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Friday, March 30, 2012

An Easter Gift

I have been enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and the flowers all around.  I have felt almost overwhelmed as I gazed at the mint green color of the new leaves forming on the trees that contrast against the darker green of the pines.  Overhead the sky had the deep blue with drifting puffs of clouds showing no threat of storms.

The sun streamed down through the trees creating patterns below.  The days have been so beautiful.  I see new life all around.  The flowers are blooming and the trees leaves are now vibrant in their new green.  Every day shows changes as we swiftly move toward summer.

New flowers, new leaves, new days and so many new things surround us.  This time of the year reminds me of many things.  It is a time of rebirth as the earth around me moves from the stark dormant looking stages of winter to the intensity of new flowers and plants springing forth around us.

As Easter draws near, I catch myself thinking back.  I remember so many Easters now that it almost makes me feel old.  I remember many things.  I ran across an old photo of me as a young child.  I was younger than my grandson.  I remember our children and now our grandchildren.  I remember. 

A memory in a photo of years ago....She is now a mother making memories with her own grandson.  Precious memories of precious people.  

 The picture I found of me at Easter is a distant memory. 

I look now at the little ones and see not the next generation but the generation after that.  My daughter smiles watching her son and they too are making memories.  We are sharing the moments and the world is fair.  I see the smiles and it makes me smile.  I look over at my parents and with the four generations laughing and feeling the emotions of the day....I smile. 

I think of what a blessing new can be.  Remembering back to wonderful times shared... warms the soul but thinking about now and tomorrow brings new hope for even more memories for the future. 

Not long ago I wrote telling about the special event with my new book.  I have to take the time to again mention and provide the links offering this freely to all.  I hope you will find it something that has meaning or that you can relate to.   I hope you will share with a friend or family member.  I hope if it helps or touches you, you will pass it on to another.  There are times that life can be so difficult, but it seems easier when we do not feel so alone.  I hope at this time of year, you each have someone special to share a wonderful time with….not just one day on a holiday but thinking of the many wonders around us and the life that we have this moment.  We may not know what the future holds but we can strive to appreciate and make the most of the time we have right now.

I wanted to share something special and from the heart.  I wanted to be able to create something that might reach out and touch others.  All I have to share is me.  That is what I have tried to do with the new book I WILL NOT GIVE UP…NOT TODAY…LIFE IS A JOURNEY.  In this book I tried to find words for things that had no words.  I tried to find a way to share thoughts, feelings, and times in my life.  I hope that by doing this there might be someone somewhere who finds hope.  I hope they will find the belief and know not to give up…not today.  I hope they find a way in the journey of life.  With this book I hope to have found a way to share things from times that were so difficult but have not ended my life.  They are just another part of the journey.

If you know of a person who has suffered injury and pain you know it can be so difficult to endure and still hope for the future.  If you or someone you know finds out or hears the words…cancer…operate…and a few other things, you really understand how impossible it might seem to think and strive for the future or learn to accept there are some things that we can not change.  If we can not change a thing, then what can we do?  I do not claim to have all of the answers for life but if I share honestly I hope it might help another to feel the hope enough to find what ever answers are right for them.  I hope you never give up.

Starting April 4th I will be sharing this book for free for three days.  It is my Easter gift.  It is my way to reach out.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and find joy and memories to last a lifetime.  I wish for you good things and peace.

My Easter gift is to offer this part of my heart and life for free for three days and hope that it might reach beyond the pages with the thoughts and details described to help others.  I hope that as each person reads the words they too feel they will not give up…not today and that they have a wonderful journey in their own lives ahead.  I hope the feel the wonder of a new day and hope for the future.

April 4 through April 6 the book   I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey  will be    FREE
                                    Ebook  US    
                                    Ebook  UK

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early Morning

This morning is a new day. 

The sun was not yet up when I woke and thought of the many things I want to get done this day.  When I thought of the many things I need to do… and then want to do…. then wish I could do….

It progressed in an instant to the things I would love to do…things I can no longer do… things, people, times, and things in life… flashing more than focused and almost felt more than thoughts as it washed through me.

I often wake before the sun rises.  If I am honest I can not remember when I had even a single night that I slept through, other than many years ago when I was young. 

What came and almost overcame this morning is not something inspiring to bring hope and joy.  It was a quiet and lonely, almost lost feeling from nowhere.  It almost felt hopeless when the realization of all that can never be and I will never be able to do developed into more than an impression and became a distinct fact of life as it is now. 

I realized I have not stepped outside of the house now since we went and had such a wonderful time at the Plantation Theater and heard the wonderful music and shared good times with friendly and smiling people.  We did have a good time.

I love the site of the Dog Wood trees.  They are and have been in full bloom.  It almost takes my breath away to see the delicate beauty.  Sometimes it makes me think of white clouds drifting in a sky of green as you gaze into the forest seeing hundreds of trees loaded with the white flowers.  They are here for such a short time.  Why…why would I miss seeing them?  It is not that hard to find them.  I can walk out into the back yard and there they are.

Why would I miss the early morning sunrise if I am awake and not enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and think of….    Think of????

Now that is right back to where I started.  I think back….. to not long ago we went to visit some friends of ours we had not seen in such a long time.  We were met with smiling faces and spent hours talking and laughing.  We marveled at the beauty of their new home and the work they had done to make it something special.  It is so beautiful in so many ways.  They had suffered the devastation of a fire that took from them so much.  There are many things you can never replace.  You can think back and say I should have made copies of this or that but as the flames consumed all in their hunger, they took all with them.  There are many things we can loose in life but when  you have spent a lifetime building memories it is so pleasant to hold that old photo and see it, or hear a song you composed and performed together with someone you love.  With those things, you have more than money can buy.

The house that they lost, they had designed and built together.  When we saw their smiling faces and enjoyed every moment of the visit, I realized what an inspiration they are.  They faced all that was happened and made a new beginning.  They looked until they found this or that to add to and make more of their surroundings and home.  They did not give up.  There are many more good times to be had and shared when you find friends that are special and in the heart.

While we were there I woke early and the sunrise was so peaceful and beautiful I had to take a picture of it.  I wanted to capture that moment.  It is the photo I used here. 

There are so many other wonderful times and memories.  Thinking back and looking back I can see how many spectacular things I have had.  I see family, friends, loved ones, special times shared and moments that warm my heart.  I see more.  I see that there is room for more future memories.  There is time and room to make what I want for life not dwell on what is not.  There is this day. 

The sun is up now.  It is bright and beautiful outside my window.  I am still thinking.  I am thinking that life is not what we have lost or morn.  Life is not, what will never be.  Life is every moment knowing how blessed we are to have this day.  Life is living and doing the best that we can…not watching it pass by, gazing out the window and allowing sad feelings that we missed it.

My list of things I think I want to do just became shorter.  Right now as I sit here…. I want to appreciate the day.  I want to do the best that I can.  I am going to go outside and look at the flowers.  I am going to see those Dog Wood trees before their moment of glory is gone and know I am blessed to have this day.

I have memories too… and some are so bright and shining.   I see this picture and remember like yesterday when my children were young enjoying a visit with my mother, their grandmother.  Now I have grandchildren and they light my life.   I want to make new memories by living my life and not waiting and looking out a window as it slips by.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Times… Memories and Magic In The Songs


My husband, daughter, grandson and I went to hear some music last Friday. It was wonderful to be able to get out and have special times together, but it was even more than I had expected. We went to a place called the Plantation Park Music Theater in Jonesboro, Ar. It is so beautiful and such a pleasure to experience. The people are friendly and you feel welcome from the time you step up on the porch. The location is in the country and even the view is something to see.

I intend to go as often as I can and hope to learn more about it. There is such an atmosphere there with the people and the music that you feel at home and surrounded by friends. The people smile and greet one another warmly and visit before the show. The feeling of welcome is contagious as I found myself smiling and so glad we went.


That brings me to tell you about the show. What a show….wow. Lauren Gray was performing a benefit concert. From the moment she stepped out on the stage it was magic. The music was more than the notes or sounds from instrument and voice. The music was filled with emotion and enthusiasm. It carried the sounds of life and passion. Hearing, seeing and sharing the event was more than fun…it was memories in the making for all of us. The magnetism of these talented people flowed through the crowd as people of all ages listened in delight.


Lauren is absolutely amazing and when you put them all together they have magic. There is more than just music…there is heart, soul and music that has a life of its own making times to remember and enjoyed by all. You could more than see the connection of these talented people as the played and sang so many songs. You could feel it as the music reached out and you felt a part of it all. That is such a gift and these people are filled with such talent and passion for what they do that you feel as if you are watching a dream come true. To be able to create something that has such impact is a dream come true and more than the words of a song or notes played.

Lauren has such a passion and it shows in the beautiful connection on the stage, in the music, and in the overall expressions between her and those around her.


There was a time to meet and greet those who presented and performed such a delightful show.  Autographs were signed and many wanted to show theirs in unique ways.......

The whole evening was such a pleasure and I was so happy that we went. It reminded me of the dream and passion I have with my own desires to write. Working to do something special takes determination and work. It takes more than that. It takes heart to try to do the very best that you can and to create something that reaches into the depths of our hearts and soul. I hope that my books and things that I write and paint will reach out to others. I see the same passion in the talented performers and individuals that work and practice to give something of themselves in every performance.


A place to go and people to see and hear….. Sharing the songs of hearts and words from deep with in our souls. The desire to create.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Is Almost Here A Gift To Share

I have had so many thoughts and things I wanted to share.  I still have to do things a little at a time, but I will not give up.  That is the title of one of my books.  I wrote this book as something more than a story or tale to entertain.  I had and have the desire to reach out to others and share my hope that others might feel and believe the idea to not give up. 

We can have so many difficulties in life but each and every day we have to live is a new beginning if we choose to make it so.  It is a chance to find new things or appreciate the things we are blessed to have and hold.  We have a new chance to see things we may have been too busy or blind to see before. 

I have heard that old phrase to watch what you wish for because you just might find it.  I want to look for hope.  I want to look for beauty in life.  I want to look and take the time to see the sparkle of excitement and life in a child’s eyes.  I want to paint more paintings and write more books.  I want to sculpt little flowers out of playdoh.  I want to feel the warmth and love of family and friends.  I want to walk through this life together with my husband and know and feel his love.  These are things that I look forward to and look for.

Part of the way I am trying to share these things is by writing a non fiction book sharing so much of what has been and is for me and what and how it has affected me.  Life may take a toll and at times be very painful and difficult but if we can survive and live through those times we may find strengths inside we never dreamed we have.  We may find a new way to look at the things and people around us.  We may find the courage to never give up.

I am working to not only write the book, paint the painting I used for the cover, but to present it as a gift right before Easter.  Easter is such a special time.  It is often a family time filled with Easter Dinner, candy and Easter egg hunts for the children.  It is also a time to think about what it really means to each one of us.  It is a time to remember why we celebrate this special day.

My Easter gift is to offer this part of my heart and life for free for three days and hope that it might reach beyond the pages with the thoughts and details described to help others.  I hope that as each person reads the words they too feel they will not give up…not today and that they have a wonderful journey in their own lives ahead.  I hope the feel the wonder of a new day and hope for the future.

April 4 through April 6 the book   I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey  will be    FREE
                                    Ebook  US     
                                    Ebook  UK

This is the painting I used to make the cover.  When you look at the cover, I hope you see the path for your life that will lead you to peace, hope and happiness and where you need to go.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is not yet daylight but I know today will be special.  Yesterday the sun was shining and the temperatures were mild.  The breeze blowing in the window brought the scents of new life.  It also brought the hope of a new day. 

The trees are blooming and the flowers are beginning their array of colors to splash their beauty across the land.  I do love the sights and smells.  It makes me think back to long ago. 

I grew up in the city but have always loved the beauty of nature.  I love the bright lights of the city and the many things offered there too, but our big thrill as children was to go camping.  We camped in a tent in many places seeing the beauty of mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, wooded land as far as the eye could see and more.  I love to watch the little squirrels jump from branch to branch and hear the music of the birds.  The early morning the dew would be heavy making the scents of the plants and flowers a perfume to inhale. 

When I moved to a more rural area it gave me such a sense of peace as I could gazed at a beautiful sunset with trees silhouetted against the blazing colors creating their own patterns in the sky.  I had three little chickens and fresh eggs daily.  It was something I loved but there were things I had never thought of before….until the rooster began to crow before it was even the hint of daylight.  I saw some humor as time went by and wrote a little poem…..

City Kid In The Country

I’m going to the country for peace and quiet, you see.
To breath fresh air and get a little rest, that sounds just right to me.
So many smells in that clean fresh air that my nose begins to tingle,
And the peace and quiet that I had found has set my nerves to jingle.

With the peaceful night and stars above, I lay me down to sleep,
But the crickets and bugs, birds, and frogs, made a noise that made me leap.
There’s a ‘Whipper Will’ and an old ‘Bobwhite’ I swear I’d shoot on sight,
And the crickets and frogs were turned on high, kept me up for half the night.

What was that walking in the brush, while the coyotes howled at the moon?
I’ve laid here, eyes wide open, it must be morning soon.
With trees all around the wind blew gently, but rustles all the leaves.
My hay fever I never knew I had, had my system beginning to wheeze.

I finally fell asleep and it feels so good, you know.
The sky turns pink but the sun’s not up, and that silly rooster began to crow.
Chicken and dumplings sounds good for supper, with antihistamines for me too.
This is the quiet of the country?  What’s a city kid to do?

I still smile as I read the words from so long ago.  There is often so much more to life and the simple things all around us than what we take the time to see or realize.

I still have allergies but will always love the sights, sounds, and beauty of nature.  I love to sit out back under a canopy of trees hearing the laughter of the children and the voices of people sharing a good time and making special memories.  We used to have trees so huge out back that you could sit there in a gentle rain and never get wet.  The layer and layers of branches above not only sheltered you from the burning sun but offered a few extra moments to stay and enjoy the moment … dry and in comfort. 

Trees that big would often drop branches and it would have been a bit of a job to keep up with the yard work….except….

That brings back another memory of a family reunion.  I think back many years to when I was a young child.  We would laugh and play and listen to the old old people sitting and talking.  I would hear things like,  “I remember back when…and… When I was a kid…..and….In my day we…..” and I would think how old they were and all I hear was about back in their day.  What day is it anyway?  What did they mean when they said “Their day”? 

Now I see and hear a little more.  I hear and see and realize that every day is my day…and your day.  Every day is special and I do not want to take it for granted.  As I was watching this reunion I overheard a group of young adults talking and laughing and sharing memories they had from all of the years.  I saw the younger children running and playing.  I smelled the wonderful odor of supper cooking on the grill and saw the smiling faces of those in my age range. 

I heard things.  The laughter of the playing children came and went as they were filled with the energy and excitement of their young age.  One child stood for a moment listening to several people my own age as they smiled and reminisced.  “I remember back in my day….When we were kids” and so on the conversation continued.  I frowned for a moment watching the expression on the child’s face realizing the time had come that we were those same ‘old, old people’ and had to laugh.  In some ways it might make a person a bit sad to realize that so much time has seemed to slip away.

When we were young it seemed like forever before we could get from one birthday to the next.  I was 5 and then 5 and a ½.  Now the years seem to fly by.  I could tell you about the other day and then realize it was another year.

A group of young adults near me laughed and talked, remembering times long gone by watching over their own children as they played.  I noticed them all laughing and shaking their heads in agreement looking straight at me.  I paid full attention listening to find out what it was about me that could inspire such amusement.

This is part of what I heard…. “I remember.  I sure do.  I always did love the bonfires and cook outs and sitting around the fire with Marshmallows and hotdogs.”

“And I loved when Aunt Linda would tell stories.”  Then they all began to laugh and share memories of times long gone by, and of the children they were from the past.

They continued to talk…  “All of those years … I thought we were just having wonderful times and a lot of bonfires.  After the ice storm last year we had so many tree limbs drop in the yard that the clean up was a mess.  We tried our best to get the kids to help but you should have heard the moaning and groaning.  “It was too hard; they were too tired, is that enough?”  Those were only a few of the comments.  We never did get those kids to help.”

At that point they all began to laugh again and look right at me.  I walked over to join the group.  My daughter smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye.  “All of those years and all of those bonfires and it is only now, with our own kids and yards to clean, that I realize it was wonderful to have so much fun when we were kids but we were actually cleaning the yard.”  When she said that, they all broke our laughing.

I laughed too and shook my head remembering.  “Well honey, If I had told you all that we had so many tree limbs and branches down we had to get the yard cleaned I can imagine how well that would go over.”

“I know.  I remember….”  She smiled as they all began to laugh again.

I began to imitate and repeat from the past.  “Now, if I just had a few little branches piled up right over there… we could have a lot of fun.  I have some hotdogs inside and a bonfire roasting hotdogs… well …if I had a stick or two.”  I joined in the laughter around the group as more people joined the fun.

“You kids nearly ran over each other gathering all the branches.  It was amazing how quickly the whole yard was cleaned and not a twig in sight.  Now picture in your mind if I had told you to clean the yard and pick up all of those branches…my way was so much more fun.”

One of them mentioned and looked so amazed that she had never realized they were doing chores until that moment.  We did have some good times.  We will have more good times.  Today is tomorrow’s memory.  It is yesterday’s future.  It is the moment not to be missed.  I have often said to beware what you wish for and you may find what you look for.  I am wishing each and every one of you a wonderful day filled with special moments and times to share making memories that will warm your heart someday far ahead.  I hope you will have the ability to look for the beauty and happiness and find it even as you see the things that make you sad or show the other side of life.  There will always be those that are petty, small, unhappy and wanting to spread and share that miserable feeling, or even malicious and hurtful to others.  We can not ignore those things and have to stand strong in our lives building on the good and right things we believe in.  We also can not focus on them and let them drag us down to their level.  It is daylight and a beautiful day too.   I will look to this beautiful day…this special day …and wish you all well.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Pat Bertram

12 Day Reader’s Event SHAMROCKS-N-SIRENS Welcomes Featured Author Pat Bertram

Shamrocks-N-Sirens 12 day Reader's Event is glad to announce the incredible CRIME THRILLER Author Pat Bertram  

Pat Bertram is a native of Colorado. When the traditional publishers stopped publishing her favorite type of book — character and story driven novels that can’t easily be slotted into a genre — she decided to write her own. Second Wind Publishing liked her style and published four of Bertram’s books: ‘Light Bringer’, ‘Daughter Am I’, ‘More Deaths Than One’, and ‘A Spark of Heavenly Fire’.

What is the main premise of Daughter Am I?

When twenty-five-year-old Mary Stuart learns she inherited a farm from her recently murdered grandparents-grandparents her father claimed had died before she was born-she becomes obsessed with finding out who they were and why someone wanted them dead. Along the way she accumulates a crew of feisty octogenarians-former gangsters and friends of her grandfather. She meets and falls in love Tim Olson, whose grandfather shared a deadly secret with her great-grandfather. Now Mary and Tim need to stay one step ahead of the killer who is desperate to dig up that secret.

How long did it take you to write it?

I developed the idea for Daughter Am I in a single day, but I had to finish the book I was working on at the time, so I didn’t actually begin writing Daughter Am I until several months after I got the initial idea. It took me a year to write, and then another year to edit.

Who’s your favorite character in it?

That is a hard question! All the octogenarian gangsters in Daughter Am I are my favorites in their own way. There’s Teach, who sells bullets he claims came from the shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. There’s Kid Rags, who still works as a forger. There’s Happy, a trigger-happy ex-wheelman for the mob, whose hands shake so much he can barely aim let alone shoot. That’s only three of the octogenarians -- there are seven feisty old gangsters all together. Well, six gangsters and one ex-showgirl.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently collaborating on writing a novel online with eight other Second Wind authors. We each write from the POV of a different character, and follow that character throughout the story. In the first story, a little girl’s body was found in the desert, but who killed her? We won’t know until the book is finished! You can find this project at I hope you will check it out!

What is something that surprised you about being an author?

The most surprising part for me is that I know how to write. For many years, my life was shadowed by the sadness of having no innate talent for writing. I’m not being modest -- I really couldn’t write anything worth reading. When I decided to write despite that lack, I set out to learn everything I could about developing a readable story. Most of the how-to books confused the heck out of me -- the authors would talk about rising conflicts and motivation/reaction units, and I didn’t have a clue what they meant. It’s only recently that I realized I actually know what I’m doing.

What one word describes how you feel when you write?


Who designed this cover?

I did! I took the photo while I was out walking one day, and then tweaked the color. I’m pleased with the result.

Which do you use most for writing on, laptop or desktop?

Okay, I admit it: I am a closet pencilphile. Seems silly, I know, in this electronic age, but I write in pencil on loose-leaf paper. There. I've outed myself. I feel so much better now.
I am not being contrary. I do have reasons. I have a better mind/writing connection using pencil and paper than I have with a keyboard; a mechanical pencil is easier on my fingers than pen, and paper is easier on my eyes than a computer screen. But I do use a lap top for blog posts and interviews and such.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

For me, fiction writing is largely a matter of thinking, of trying to see the situation, of figuring out the right word or phrase that puts me where I need to be so the words can flow. I can do this better late at night, in bed, clipboard propped against my knees or on a pillow than sitting at a desk. If, as Mel Gibson said, "A movie is like public dreaming," then novels are like shared dreaming, and where better to dream than in a comfortable bed?

Your favorite quote:

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” -- Goethe

If you were to attend a St. Patrick’s Day Party, which one thing would you never leave behind and why?

I’d take the Luck O’ the Irish. With a bit of luck, I could get whatever I wanted, including gold. And anyway, luck weighs a heck of a lot less than a pot of gold and is easier to carry with you.

Where can your readers stalk you?

I have a website -- -- where I post important information, including the first chapters of each of my books, but the best way to keep up with me, my writing, and my life on a daily basis is by way of Bertram’s Blog.
All my books are available both in print and in ebook format. You can get them online at Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. Smashwords is great! The books are available in all ebook formats, including palm reading devices, and you can download the first 20-30% free!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What A Journey as Life Goes On

An Adventure from the first novel to a never ending journey.....

I have been working with the things that I write and the books now for almost a year and a half.  That may not sound like a long time, but considering when I started we did not know what the future would hold with the surgery and cancer, it is and has been an amazing journey.
I started out and published Life Goes On First.  I had to choose one book as I understood it may be my only chance to see and hold in my hand a real life dream of seeing it take form.  I did not give up.  I lived through the surgery and am living each and every day to the best of my ability.  I do not take life for granted.  We never know what the future will hold, but I do know that I will not waste my days in worry about the past or wishing away the future.  I want to live and do and be.

I chose that book for several reasons.  I love the story but also hope it might be one that would have special meaning.  So many are having such difficult times right now.  When you have a family there will always be challenges and choices.  We meet these things in different ways and do not always make the right choices.  We may fail to realize that there are consequences that are often far reaching, even to those we love.

This family found life spiraling out of control as they went from something they had known and enjoyed to the father loosing his job, they lost their home and had to move to a bad part of the city.  With that move there were many other changes including the friends and influence of peer pressure and the community.  When they were evicted from that apartment their choices were few.  They could relocate and live with a distant relative in another part of the country or be  homeless.

The story shares the lives and people in a difficult situation filled with problems, trials, and temptations.  How they handled those things and the choices they made would have far reaching results.  One thing they might learn is what family is.  If they would find ways to survive it would not be easy.  To move from north to south, and city to country, leave friends and all things familiar behind was no easy task for any of them.

I tried to write this story in a way so the reader would know the characters.  They could see the places and be there with them.  I wanted it to be somethings special.  I even chose a photo I had taken over 20  years ago and designed a cover with the picture going all the way around the book.  We had been traveling and the suset was so spectacular it blazed across the sky.  We stopped and took the pictures.  Seeing the car lights as others traveled too and fro made me think it would be perfect for the story as the family would have traveled to their new life.

This is the first review of Life Goes On
5.0 out of 5 stars Nance's 1st Novel Great Contemporary "Little House on the Prairie!"
Glenda A Bixler "Glenda" (Pennsylvania) -
This review is from: Life Goes On (Paperback)
Suspense, intrigue and family highlights Linda Nance's debut novel as a contemporary `Little House on the Prairie' novel of love, devotion, and inspiration. I was so pleased to meet Linda at my Facebook Reader's Roundup group and learn of her books. But I was honored to know here as a first-time author when I had the chance to read her first novel, Life Goes On.

John and Becky were caught in a financial situation that was one they could not handle themselves. John knew he would not find another job in the city and that he had to do something dramatic--his answer was to turn to a relative--Uncle James, who lived in Arkansas. Becky was shocked to consider not only leaving the city, but to move to the country, and in Arkansas! John explained that he had already talked to Uncle James who had suggested he might find work at a local factory.

Just when Becky was beginning to consider the idea,Donna, Bobby and Stacy came home from school. Neither John nor Becky were surprised at their responses. But this time, John had planned ahead--he had already made the necessary decisions and the family were soon on their way! John knew he had not fully provided the guidance of a father to his family, but now with Uncle James' help, he was firm that he was going to make up for the past

Soon everybody was adjusting, but the children felt they had been given no choice. Donna called her boyfriend often, Bobby soon was finding that he could find like-minded peers here as well as in the city--those that drank and did drugs. But what they now had was a father who had made up his mind to be more firm and an Uncle who was quite willing to help! They soon had Bobby working with them--at least when he didn't sneak off...

Becky had taken a job at a motel and soon began to see that there was just as many problems with co-workers and strange, potentially dangerous activities there as they had been worried about in the city. But when they discovered that Bobby could very well be right in the middle, the family had to pull together even closer. Even then, death reached out to Bobby and Uncle James who was there to save him!

Nance has the heartwarming storytelling skills of the creator of The Little House on the Prairie, sharing family love, fortitude, and forgiveness, but adds a contemporary setting where it is no longer safe to have children out with friends where drinking, drugs and sex reach them. Life Goes On reaches out to parents in today's world and shares that hope that still is available when family love is strong and caring. Highly recommended for parents as well as young teenagers who just "don't get their parents!" Linda speaks for many of us who hold on to family values as the way to meet the future!

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Another Review I had to share is from Fran Lewis

I am the author of three children's books and have written a fourth one. I would like everyone to check out my books Bertha Speaks Out and My Name is Bertha on Barnes and Noble. GoodReads. Bertha FIghts Back is my third book in my Bertha series & on B&N. My other three books are Bertha Fights Back, Memories are Precious and Sharp as A Tack or Scrambled Eggs which describes Your Brain. I am an educator, book reviewer, talk show host on blog talk radio, online interviewer and author. My next book is a three in one handbook on Caregiving/Volunteering, Traumatic Brain Injury and Eldercare abuse.

I am an educator, writer, author, book reviewer and favorite aunt, sister and more. I am the vice president in charge of cemetery affairs for my family and their family circle secretary. I am a reading and writing specialist.I review books for authors all over the world. I host two radio shows on blog talk radio/red river writers for adult and children's authors and I am the author of five books and soon to complete number six.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Life Goes On
By Linda Nance

Life does not always go according to plan. There are many bumps, slides, and mishaps along the way. Everyone’s life is different and even when you are part of a family and might have your own master plan for your future and success, things might not turn out the way you planned. Like an architect who creates a blueprint for his next structure and something goes wrong with the foundation, life can send you some serious structural damage and the foundation of what you have created can crumble if you are not careful. John and Becky have a serious problem their lives are about to change and their family dynamics too as they are forced to change their lifestyle and leave the city to live in rural Arkansas with family they hardly know. But, that is not the only obstacle they face. Their three recalcitrant children find it difficult to want to leave their friends, jobs and school and provide little or no support for their distraught parents as they travel to Arkansas and learn the true meaning of the word Life and much more.

As they move to Arkansas and the children begin to assimilate in the culture, the area and their new home Bobby, Donna, Stacy and both Becky and John will learn some really hard lessons in life that just might bring them together. Donna and Bobby are bent on returning to their old life and old ways. Bobby was involved in gangs, drugs and was becoming anything but what a parent would want for a son. Donna overly involved with a boy named Keith and Stacy who just wants to be like her older sister. This could be on formula for disaster. But, Uncle James is a really smart and savvy guy who tolerates nothing and takes no prisoners. When things get rough he takes both Bobby and Stacy for a long ride to talk, see the country and get to know and understand them better. Two parents who want the best for their children yet condemned for it.

As the children assimilate in their new environment things begin to change as Donna learns the truth about her boyfriend’s disloyalty and harsh words befall her, Stacy takes on the role of protective sister and Bobby begins to meet friends, work and attitudes turn around. But, Becky’s job turns dangerous, the police become involved and second thoughts about what she does need to be considered. But, Becky is hard working and caring helping her coworkers and a real asset to the owners of the motel who really do not appreciate her dedication and never really take heed of what is happening behind closed doors in their motel.

Families change and situations need to be dealt with as some are torn and in turmoil as one child needs attention, another in crisis and a third guidance as they all live in one house but in their own separate worlds trying to survive and some just to exist. As Donna bears her soul to her parents and Stacey proves she is wise beyond her years, Bobby strays in the wrong direction and hopefully a strong hand will guide him back.

As Becky’s job takes a dangerous turn and she the truth about some of the patrons of the motel where she works, she begins to question their ethics, business practices and enlists the help of some officers to help her. But, Bobby’s new friends in Arkansas seem as seedy and corrupt as those left behind in St. Louis and his behavior comes full circle turning back in the same direction from where he came and soon realizing that his actions and those of his friends could affect his mother’s safety. Just how you will have to read for yourself.

With their new home being fixed up and the anticipation of finally setting down permanent roots, the family faces some serious challenges that will either divide them forever or unite them.

Life Goes On is a narrative told by Becky, the mother who is town between the inner turmoil she faces within herself and the problems dealing with her family. True to life bringing to light many real life issues faced by families today, author Linda Nance takes the reader on a journey with many ups and downs, smiles, laughs and tears with a family that just wants to find somewhere to live.

Some kids will do anything to be accepted and have friends that they feel will back them up and protect them. Some are too na├»ve to realize that those same friends will think nothing of turning on you to suit their needs. Bobby learns a hard lesson when his old world meets his new one and things take a downward spiral turn. Friendships can link you together with others and create positive situations but in Bobby’s case this does not hold true as he becomes embroiled in major drug deal, tries to wrangle out of it, he endangers the life of himself and someone dear to him and things will never quite be the same again. Lessons will be learned and hard choices will have to be made as Bobby will come face to face with his past, his future, his families disappointment and their love.

But, the twists and turns at the end will surprise the reader and renew your faith in family, love, understanding and trust. One young man learns a lesson of a lifetime and one family understands the true meaning of the words Life Goes On. Never give up on yourself, be who you are and never give in to the wants of others because you are afraid. How do you teach children values and when do they finally realize that parents do know best and that they have their best interest at heart? This is a well written novel with real life characters for adults, young adults, teens, church groups and youth groups to read and discuss as start for kids to understand that parents are their best friends in the world and communication is the link to everything.

Life Goes On authored by my friend Linda Nance is an inspirational novel written by a woman of great courage, warmth and love for her friends and family. So, meet Becky, John, Donna, Stacey and Uncle James and understand what a real family goes through to survive. As John learns how to forgive and Becky will always protect the lines of communication need to stay open and Bobby, Donna and Stacey will learn that life in the country is not so different from that of the city it’s what you make of it that counts. Great novel, characters that are real, true to life and heartwarming, read Life Goes On by Linda Nance and learn the true meaning of Family.

I am honored that Linda asked me to review her book.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Since that first novel I have created and published the novel Journey Home, the children's book I wrote and illustrated, The Pumpkin Field...a non fiction book about my life and more called I Will Not Give Up...Not Today...Life Is A Journey.  I also have a smaller book of 4 short stories called A Tale To Tell.  All of these books that are in ebook form are found on Amazon along with the paperback versions that are available.  I want to be able to tell you little facts and info about all of the books and the projects and more.  This really is an adventure and I am glad to have you share it with me.

I have had so much help and inspiration from so many.  One such person is Pat Bertram.  Her unique gift in writing will entertain, delight and inspire in many different ways in her books and blogs.  She takes the time to help others and is such a creative and deeply heart felt person I am delighted to be able to share with you tomorrow some interesting facts and a time to get to know her even better.  You will not want to miss the interview.

See you all tomorrow and I hope that you have a wonderful night.