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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am starting another page and I will call it FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND THE WRITERS WE LOVE.     The twitter one is @FriendOfWriters.  I have to laugh as I think of it as a writers family and friends support group.  My poor husband listens patiently about my books...the books...the books...the characters...the editing...the covers....the illustrations....the....and so on and so on. He has to drive me and go to all of the meetings. He lives with a writer. My daughter and grandson and all who know me accept me but understand I may see something that is common or everyday and an idea for a story pops in.   When we are passionate about something it feeds into our lives and those around us.  These are places where they can share their thoughts and what it is like to live or love or know a crazy writer like me.....

I want a better understanding or just a way for us to share with others our passion and views of the world as they can share how they understand or do not understand us and all that we are working to do. See it from their point of view, but we have a voice to breach the gap that may exist even if we do not know it.  We may have others who like our books...have read our books and they want or might like to ask the author or share what they thought about the book. It would be great if they would write a review but most do not. Many think.... I am not a reviewer. I thought the same thing, but a review is an opinion and we all have one of those.

This site is a place where people can ask questions about the writers as well as the books but also share.  They can share things about the writers they know or like.  They can ask others about living with a writer or things that relate in their lives.

 Some people see a beautiful sunset and just enjoy the moment. An artist can picture how they could attempt to create the image in a painting or other art form.  A photographer might try to capture the moment of ever changing colors as the sun sets in a photo.  A writer might have a flood of words fill their mind describing the sight and feeling it gives.  Some people just see a sunset and puzzle over the complex reaction of someone wanting it to be more or trying to capture the moment.

I used one of my photos for the book cover of my first novel published.  The site of it had remained in memory and I knew it was something that would be special for the story.  See ... There I go again with the books....the books....the books.....

In the Fall I can get so excited if we go up into the hills seeing the colors and mountains folding one into the other. A certain tree blazes out with color almost glowing. I get excited. "Look, Look at that.  Look at that beautiful tree.  It is so bright it almost seems to glow.  The colors are so beautiful.  Look at the tree."

My daughter often teases me but at times does view things differently.  "Look at what?   We are in a forest and as far as the eye can see there are trees."

 "That tree right there. It almost glows it is so bright. Look at all of them all around. The colors are so intense you can feel them."

The answer I got was.... "Mom, it is a tree. There are millions of trees. We are surrounded by trees." It was special. She was not being mean. It was a tree. There were a lot of trees. We all see things differently. She patiently smiled as she teased in the way we have with one another.  I want to bridge the gap and let them know it was not just a tree. It was the tree and the moment.  It was the feeling the sight gave me and it makes me smile.... I write about it's beauty, it's color, it's majestic stance silhouetted against the sky filling with turbulent clouds that foretell of a stormy night ahead. But she was right. It is a tree.

Why do I write?  It is natural and my way.  Words flow like breath as we inhale.  Are we different?  I think that each and every person is different and special.  The really special thing, is trying and being able to understand and accept differences.

Even with understanding there are times that I am tedious to others.  I have so much enthusiasm about what I am working on and ideas for other projects and books, that I can tend to ramble on.  I read and try to learn as much as I can and often share this and that and more and more about writing, publishing and other related things. 

I often need to remind myself that not all people think alike and what is so interesting to me may have no relevance to others.  I need to take the time to smell the flowers. 

Writers often discuss the difficulties and challenges they face in writing and publishing what they write.  Here will be a place that others can share their view points about and to us.  The photo I chose is one with a bridge.  This might become a bridge of understanding.  A grandfather holds his granddaughter's hand crossing the bridge together sharing a special time together.  Hand in hand we can go through this life. 

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