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Friday, December 28, 2012


As we look out upon the world we see many things, but we also see things in many ways.  What moves one person, another may not even notice.  One person may be so inspire with emotion that words flow forth to accompany the sight and feel of the moment or scene.  Others may look and just see a pretty picture or not notice at all.

I want to combine art and words.  I want to make paintings that have special meaning for me and find words to share the emotion or thoughts.  I want to take photographs and see what becomes for the picture and also the stories that they might inspire.  Could a simple picture or scene inspire a whole story?  It can that and more. 

I love to write novels, short stories, children's stories, poetry and more.  I want to combine the art and visual with the emotions seen and heard through words.

I chose this photo for a special reason.  The feeling I had from the scene and photo are complex.  The day had started out in a blaze of glorious sunshine.  It was Christmas Eve and our anniversary.  Spending the evening and next day with our daughter and her family filled us with excitement for the holiday and time together.

Hour by hour the sky filled with clouds and the day day went from shining to black and white.  One might think it brought a gloomy feel but there was no way it could be gloomy knowing what a good time we would share.  But still, it darkened as I stood out back looking up.  I then noticed how it reflected in the water before me.  There was a slight shiver to the scene as there was in the air.  I was looking down into the water at the sky above and the trees swaying in the breeze...reflections.

There has been a lot of life that has passed before this moment as I contemplated feelings viewing the scene reflected in the water and hopefully much more life to come.  The clouds may have darkened the day but reflected how life can change but still has beauty if we take the time to look for it.

There are ways to color the view and change the mood.  I experimented with the picture changing the original look of black and white of the dreary sky to colors.  I can see golden skies like a ray of hope and red and angry skies.  

There is blue with the feel the color helps to impart but all are still reflections.  Reflections of the view and reflections of the viewer.

What thoughts cross your mind as you view the reflections in the water?  What feelings might you feel as you reflect thoughts of your own?  What color takes your eye as the one for you?

This may be a short blog but it is one I write with feeling and passion.  I hope to share more of this project soon.

The new year will soon be here.  I hope the reflections you have are ones tinted with joy and foretelling of wonderful times to come and share with others you love.  I wish you prosperity and health.  I hope all of our reflections will have depth and meaning as life helps to build us and strengthen us to be able to do more and be more for the future.

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  1. What a beautiful picture and how cool that it changes so much based on the color. I guess it's like life. things look differently depending on how you look at them. :)