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Friday, July 22, 2011

NEA Writer’s Group July 21, 2011 meeting

NEA Writer’s Group
July 21, 2011 meeting

We hope that by gathering together and sharing we might offer and receive encouragement, support, information and individual growth assisting us to accomplish our goals and make dreams come true.  Through discussions, readings, critiques, and assistance we may share and receive, it is my desire that each person find something of interest and benefit from these meetings of friends reaching out to one another sharing a common interest and goals.  If you love to write, want to write, are published or write for your own pleasure or just have an interest or want to share with others, we hope to form an interesting group to grow, share, learn, and reach out.

At this time our meeting will be on the first and third Thursday of each month at at the Books A Million Store on
Caraway Road
in Jonesboro.

When you think about starting a writer’s group it is more complicated than you might think to try to organize something that will be functional and a pleasure to those involved.  The meeting last night was far from difficult.  It was such a pleasure and joy from the beginning to end.

There will never be a time when everyone will be able to attend all of the time.  The people in this group are inspired, talented and passionate individuals that gathered together sharing not only their projects and ideas but enjoying the benefits of such helpful ad insightful comments and perspectives of the others of the group.

There were some novel and unique ideas brought to the discussion.  One member is working on a cook book.  That sounds like something you might have seen before but I assure you this is special and will be an asset for more than the item prepared from a recipe.  This book will be an opportunity to not only find delicious things to share with our family and friends but an opportunity to open the door to communication and a way to help people to stop and think about what they eat and what goes into the things we might love. 

The one thing that thrills me is the idea that by designing a cookbook that has easy to prepare recipes and shows concerns about the healthy aspect of being aware of what goes into the food we eat it teaches more than cooking.  It can help to create a mind set that could affect the health and habits for a lifetime.  It can open communications and provide an opportunity for the teen or tween to succeed.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow allowing the individual to create beautiful and fun foods that they can share with family and friends.  think the "joy" found in cooking is when it comes out right and you get to enjoy your success. Makes you want to try another recipe and then another. And, then there is "it taste so yummy factor" Ha. I tried to hit every possible quick fix food group in the book: Dips/Dunks, Wraps/Frappes, Smoothies, Sorbets/Salas Ole, Milkshakes/Cheesecakes, Soups/Salads, Trail Mixes, the list goes on and on. No food is a bad food and the ingredients can be manipulated to control fat and sugars without losing flavor, I've shared that in the book. Also, the Whacky Paks are complete foiled dinners just ready to pop into the oven. Teens on the run can get a nutritous meal as quick as just eating junk. At least, this is what I hope to teach them.

What better way to inspire a young person than giving them something in their life that they can succeed in accomplishing, amaze others with their efforts and thrill will the unique or special things they have done on their own and by themselves.  As they learn about the ingredients and different foods it also allows them to show and share their knowledge and create a desire to know and be able to do more.  This opens doors of communication as well as educating, guiding and offering an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and ability to be the hit of the party and star of the moment.

We not only discussed what the project was but thoughts and experiences we have had or learned about in the aspect of publishing, cost, the issues involved in creating the cover, design, presentation and even promotions.

The thought of acquiring sponsors for projects was an idea well worth considering and of possible benefit for current as well as future projects.  Viewing our endeavors in more than one perspective allows us more opportunity and insight into other alternatives.

One idea flowed into another and grew as the members gained in momentum expressing multiple ideas to help others in the group with different aspects of different projects.  It was wonderful to see the excitement on the faces and hear the enthusiasm in the voices.  The ideas were insightful, creative and inspired.

This same writer has a fabulous novel released and available at Amazon.  The title is Sliver Moon.  I will be adding more information later about the individual projects but had to take the time to say how much I have enjoyed reading such a novel that is well written and touches the reader in a distinctively unique story.  There are stories that are filled with drama, family relationships, personal issues, romance, excitement, intrigue and danger but this book has it all and more than that.  It is written in such a compelling manner the reader feels as if they can see and hear and know the characters…people… of the book.  They become more than characters… you know them, love them, hate them or fear them but they are more than just a story and a good read.  I have to add that I think a man would enjoy this book as much as a woman and each find something special in it’s pages.

Another writer shared as she read such heart warming and touching poems she had created.  Her talent and gifts are evident as they touched the heart and stayed with all who heard the words.  They were more than words of poems, they were heartfelt and sincere.  They were written and crafted containing such impact that they were more than what they said they…. were the emotion they conveyed. The idea that such powerfully and far reaching things could be put into book form is more than a book of poetry.  It is more than poems shared.  This would be an inspirational project capable of impacting the hearts of the readers and reaching out beyond the pages.

The discussions continued to include such things as cost of production, and even the composition of the collection in a unique presentation instead of a traditional book.  The ideas flowed from all attending.

This talented writer has the ability to create special poems that carry a specific message for an individual person or persons.  Expressions from the Heart is a place to find custom poetry for all occasions.  She addresses herself as a word arranger because she uses her talent with words to offer a gift of feeling and emotion.  She is a poet, a writer, and a special person who knows how to share heart and soul.

There is a book you will not want to miss.  Risky Faith is the title.  You will not find dozens of other books that are similar.  This book is exceptional in not only the quality of writing but the impact and inspiration offered to all who read it.  It is heart, faith, thoughts and feelings shared.  This is a text of motivation, insight and encouragement to share from the heart.  It is a small book with a big message and available at Amazon.  The cover is the idea and creation of the author himself and amazingly it is him on the cover.  You have to see this.  You also have to know this many is more than 70 and setting an example in life and in writing.  There is no trick of photography involved but an amazing man with a message and gift to all who read his works. 

He is currently working on a novel with dedication to crafting the project with the utmost care, enthusiasm, talents and enthusiasm.  He is a professional writer of original inspirational style doing special things in the world, his life and his writing.

Another discussion that took center stage was from a member currently involved in the process of refining and defining the individual parts of his book.  He constantly amazes and inspires me with his ability to create a tale that not only holds the interest in the story but has surprising twist and turns and surprise endings.  He grabs your interest in the beginning and holds it to the very end and then does one more thing.  He can write a story that you think of long after the book is closed. 

 He is making a collection of ghost and haunted tales accentuated with poems to thrill and chill.  Each and every one in the collection will open the door to your imagination and leave you wanting for more. 

The group shared his enthusiasm and excitement offering ideas and encouragement.  He smiles knowing the twists and turns of the tales that are on their way.

At the beginning I stated what I hoped that this group could accomplish.  I said… 

We hope that by gathering together and sharing we might offer and receive encouragement, support, information and individual growth assisting us to accomplish our goals and make dreams come true.”  

   I have to say…  this meeting made me believe dreams can come true.  We have to be willing to work hard and not give up but there is nothing that can compare to the hope and encouragement from friends who are honest enough to be truthful and caring enough to want the very best for each and everyone. 

“Through discussions, readings, critiques, and assistance we may share and receive, it is my desire that each person find something of interest and benefit from these meetings of friends reaching out to one another sharing a common interest and goals.” 

I can not speak for each member of the group but personally left the meeting feeling renewed and inspired.  So many ideas from all of the different people sharing and caring about each other and their different, varied and individual projects created an enthusiasm and excitement within me.  The time flew by and I left with a smile.

I would like to list the books available from these talented members along with contact information to the authors and sites to share in their special projects soon.

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