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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lara, Allen, Donald and Kate are great characters to begin your own detective series. Fran
Journey Home
Author: Linda Nance

Reading a will should involve informing the parties stated in the will what they have inherited. However, that is not always the case. Often times there are hidden surprises that family members are not aware of, people added to the will who are not relatives and have been given a bequest and stipulations that must be met before receiving your inheritance. At times it might even require delaying reading and executing the will until certain requirements are met.

Lara Stanley’s life is about to drastically change. Divorcing an abusive man, a mother who abandoned her at an early age and a father who was murdered, Lara went to live with her Uncle and Aunt, which proved to be wonderful. But, she needed more. Upon hearing of her uncle’s death she was summoned to come back to her hometown for what she assumed was the reading of the will. But, Lara was going to learn that there was much more to her uncle’s will and her bequest as she embarks on her journey home.

As Lara’s journey begins when she meets some wonderful people in her hometown. But, not everyone is glad that she has returned. Strange hang-ups on her phone, an uneasy feeling that someone was following and watching her plus unwanted visitors to her uncle’s home, including the deputy sheriff whom she had a strange encounter with are just a small part of what happens. But, there is much more.

“A will or testament is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his estate and provides for the transfer of his property at death. For the devolution of property not disposed of by will, see inheritance and intestacy,” as defined in the dictionary. Sounds almost cut and dry. People are named to receive property, money or other types of inheritances; they are sent a copy beforehand and when the will is out of probate, receive their rightful inheritance. But, what happens when a stranger is added? What happens when one of the stipulations of the will is that you reside in your uncle’s home for nine months or lose the house and it goes to this stranger? Even more unsettling is the will cannot be opened or read until the nine months are up. Why? Only our author and this reviewer are privy to this information and everyone else will have to read the book to find out the answers.

The deputy sheriff is bent on unnerving not only the people in the town but Lara too. What happens next and the events that follow will unnerve the reader and reinforce why security systems, caller ID’s and other safety measures are necessary when living alone.

Allen Coleman came into Lara’s life just at the right time. Although he appears out of nowhere and is the stranger named in her uncle’s will he becomes more than that to her. Along with Allen there are many others who help create their own protection team in order to uncover what really happened to her uncle, aunt, his worker and many others.

Strange events occur that would make someone think they were losing their mind. Small things out of place, doors unlocked after you locked them, lights that are on and other little things most people would ignore signal Lara that someone is stalking her but why? As she gets closer to Allen and Donald she reveals many other unsettling events. What would you say to someone who thinks that a deceased relative seems to be communicating with him or her? What would you say if they told you they could smell their cologne or cigar? You would think they were crazy. Lara, Donald and Allen share these thoughts and experiences and what they realize will astound the reader.

As the story evolves and the author brings in more characters we meet Johnny, a private investigator, Dennis a body guard and Marla Lara’s best friend who all play an important role in helping to find out who is behind what might be the murder of her relatives, one special friend to Lara, and many more. Hindering them every step of the way is the deputy sheriff and a man named Paul who has been watching Lara, stalking her and verbally abuses her and many others. Together he and the deputy sheriff along with two other people form a deadly combination. What is behind their madness and what are they hiding? You won’t believe what is really happening in this quiet town of closely knit people right in plain sight, but with blind eyes. As the dragnet widens, the truth about our deputy unfolds, his actions are frightening and those that suffer will never be the same even if they survive.

When the past becomes your present and what you think you have lost comes back for revenge, you won’t believe the end result nor why. Told in the third person narrative, feeling the frustration, pain and anguish after losing her only family, afraid for her survival Lara’s voice and plight are clearly heard as author Linda Nance leads the reader the rest of the way on Lara’s final steps in her journey home.

Who was trying to kill Lara? Who believed she would inherit a fortune after the will was finally read? Who wanted her out of the way for their own personal gain? Who felt they were unstoppable and had just cause for the acts that were committed? Let’s hope no one ever personally finds this out.

Many people feel the spirit of those deceased enveloping them and trying to communicate with the living. Allen, Donald and Lara have experienced this phenomenon. As Allen and Donald explore the fishing dock to find out what happened to Paul and why he is missing, Allen receives a message that would change the direction and the course of events. Hearing the author’s voice as she recounts the events as they happen, the characters errors, flaws and mistakes author Linda Nance awakens the reader’s understanding of what greed, hate, revenge and deceit really mean.

An ending that you will not see coming and friendships that will remain forever, Linda Nance gives new meaning to love, friendship, justice and one woman’s hope for her final journey to a real home. Who is behind all of the events from the past and the present you will not believe? A storyline that leaves room for a sequel with characters that are unforgettable and unique, Journey Home is definitely one of my top ten picks for 2010. Just what was in the will that caused the chain events? ........I will never divulge that to anyone.

Fran Lewis: reviewer
JOURNEY HOME is available at CreateSpace , Amazon and many other on-line outlets.

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