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Saturday, August 20, 2011

NEA Writer’s Group North East Arkansas Writer’s Group WHO…WHAT…WHEN…WHERE…WHY…WHY NOT?

North East Arkansas Writer’s Group  is a new writer’s group.  There is such a need for a group that can meet and have the opportunity to share, learn, and receive assistance and inspiration from others with the same interest and desires.

I could give you a list of our members…but you do not have to sign a list unless you want me to have your contact info.  You do not have to pay dues.  You do not have to make a commitment.  If you have an interest in writing you are welcome.  We can share things that we have written, receive feed back or ask for critiques.  We discuss numerous subjects that are concerns to those who attend.  If you have a question or something you are working on, all are more than willing to share information or assist one another.  I walked in alone as a writer and soon felt the company, camaraderie, and companionship of friends. 

If you live far away you may be only a thought or click away.  I will be answering and discussing many things on my fan page relating to the writer’s group.  I will also be posting things on the blog.  If you want to participate we welcome you from near and far.  We can discuss and share, even if it is typed words instead of the sound of a voice.  I hope that this is something that can help and inspire from one to another here and there.

North East Arkansas Writer’s Group (NEA Writer’s Group) will meet on the first and third Thursday of each month from to at the Books A Million store in Jonesboro, Ar.          

1515 S. Caraway Rd
NEA Writers’s Group

We hope that by gathering together and sharing we might offer and receive encouragement, support, information and individual growth assisting us to accomplish our goals and make dreams come true.  Through discussions, readings, critiques, and assistance we may share and receive, it is my desire that each person find something of interest and benefit from these meetings of friends reaching out to one another sharing a common interest and goals.  If you love to write, want to write, are published or write for your own pleasure or just have an interest or want to share with others, we hope to form an interesting group to grow, share, learn, and reach out.

At this time our meeting will be on the third Thursday of each month at at the Books A Million Store on

Caraway Road
in Jonesboro, Ar.

You may contact me, Linda Nance at for questions or more information.  Or join in the fan page.

Linda Nance  I am the author, illustrator and cover designer for two novels and a children’s book.  I write novels, children’s books, poetry, short stories, essays, editorial pieces and many others.  I have had the opportunity to appear as an inspirational and motivational speaker.  I am listed as a mentor for public speaking.  I founded the NEA Writer’s Group in North East Arkansas and hope that it will provide a special place for people to share their passions for writing and learn as each one helps the other.

Some of the things I have written are…….


Through the years as I have told or read this story the children sat listening to every word. When the story is over it is only beginning as the questions flood forth about all different things from the different children. I see emotions relating to excitement, curiosity and a desire to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and questions.  
Each and every page is an art work done to bring the story to life. I am so pleased to be able to share something so special in so many ways. The characters are ones that will remain in memory not to haunt but to be happy memories almost like friends on an adventure. The first of the book allows you to write to and from, making it a gift that is special just as you would a greeting card. This is a greeting of happy memories and good times shared. 
In a short and magically poetic story many doors open allowing communication on various topics and of as many thoughts as are possible in the young minds of those who share the tale. It is not just a story to tell but one that can be special in many ways. 
On this journey through the pumpkin field there are strange, ominous, mysterious, and even magical things that occur. Was it real or was it a dream? Could that be why it is requested even now into a new generation? I hope that my illustrations will bring this tale to life and just as my children and grandchildren and so many others have loved this tale, it will bring a special smile and create memories shared by all who read or receive it. This book is my gift to be passed on and shared, that can live on and reach out beyond the pages leaving delighted smiles. The Pumpkin Field is a little book with a big reach.

Contemporary family-oriented story with suspense. 
Journey Home Lara Stanley’s life is about to drastically change as she embarks on her journey home after the death of her uncle. Join in the journey with mystery, romance, drama and a story to remember.  
Journey Home  
Even from the grave, love comes to make sure the Journey Home is safe and fulfilling—excellent suspense keeps pages turning ‘til the end- GABixlerReviews  

Linda Nance awakens the reader’s understanding of what greed, hate, revenge and deceit really mean. –Fran Lewis Reviews

            JOURNEY HOME 
Journey Home is filled with mystery, suspense, drama, and romance, at the same time showing how swiftly greed, revenge, deceit and betrayal can escalate to deadly proportions. 
Lara returned to the home where she had grown up.  If she stayed she would inherit the bulk of her uncle’s holdings but if she left, the man named Allen would inherit everything.  She accepted the terms of the will with mixed feelings.
            Lara had endured strange occurrences but felt sure that the odd things happening would stop when she moved.  Instead of answers to her problems she found more questions and a situation that appeared more ominous as time passed.  The man that her uncle had trusted seemed too good to be true.  He and his friends offered to help.  She knew that it would never stop until she found out who it was and made them stop.

Day by day the turmoil and torment increased.  The situation became more than irritating and worrisome.  The feelings increased warning of impending danger and ultimately a fight for life.  What stalked in the night also began came closer and closer day by day.

Lara’s new friends and an investigator she hired began to fear for her safety and worked together.  The instigators also bonded together to carry out their devious plan.  To survive, Lara would have to find the whole truth.  Life became a nightmare that increased to deadly proportions.  This is a story of mystery, suspense, a touch or romance, treachery, friendship, and betrayal that takes the woman on a journey of life to find her way home.  Only time would tell, if she lived at all and could heal enough to be able pass an open window without wondering who was outside looking in and an unlocked door fearing what was about to intrude.  This was a Journey Home.

LIFE GOES ON The Family of five found themselves in crisis as they were evicted from their apartment after the father lost his job. With great trepidation they accepted help from a relative that offered them a place to live and new start in life. They had no choices except seeing their family homeless in a rough part of the city. It was not an easy adjustment for any of them as they experienced moments that would test their sense of humor and times that would test their strength of character. There were some difficult issues they would have to face and how they responded could have life altering consequences. Learning what family can mean was a lesson each person learned in their own way. This is a story of people and a place they would work to make their home. It is struggle, heart, moments of triumph and times of despair. It is a story that speaks to many of us in different ways as the characters struggle with life. They had weathered the difficult transition of the relocation and would face new challenges as life goes on for them all. Life Goes On is a dramatic story worth reading and remembering.

I will soon be sharing many of the short stories and have even thought about publishing them in a special book formed of a collection of stories, poetry, essays and other pieces of interest.  Right now I have the new novel I am working to edit and design the cover taking shape and a new children’s book that will be a collaborative effort from the amazing story my grandson has share in is youthful enthusiasm.  I was so shocked to hear a story from a 6 year old child that I think will be so fascinating and entertaining I can not wait to start it.  With my help with words and illustrations I believe his little story will be outstanding.  I am going to write a book that is co-authored by a 6 year old and can not wait.

I hope you will join me and share in the journey I am taking to not only write, illustrate, and publish my works but to reach out to others and find a way to make a difference.  I wanted to be able to have a voice and I will cry out to the world and tell them to never give up on their dreams.  Dreams really can come true…if you do not believe me…Hold one of my books in your hand and you have not only a story that I think is unique and entertaining but one of my original art works or paintings as well.  You hold a dream in your hands.

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