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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sharing The Pumpkin Field and more

I would like to take the time to introduce myself and share with you. My name is Linda Nance and I live in Arkansas. I have always loved to write. I want to be remembered if I can reach out and touch another with my words. I want to tell a story that interests the reader but more than that. I want to be able to allow you to see, feel, hear, and be there too. With each book that I publish I want people to see it as a dream to come true. I do not want to give up. I want others to know that they can make their dreams come true too if they are will to work hard, believe and not give up. I did not only the writing but the art work for the covers and illustrations. I wanted to be able with each book to share something special from cover to cover. This is the first children’s book but there are many more to come.

As the years have passed I have found, that a person is many things. They may be what their profession is and they receive monetary compensation for doing. They may also be what they are required to do or assume the responsibility to do. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a daughter, sister, cousin, neighbor, friend, homemaker, grandmother {I really like that one} and many other things. Who am I? What am I? I would like to tell you that I have figured all of that out and know exactly who and what I am but I would be a liar. I have no idea. All I know for sure is that I have tried my best through my life, and will continue to try to do and be the best I can be and help where I can. I hope that the things that I write will be things that are enjoyed by others. I hope they receive more than just a story to entertain. I want to be able to reach out to others in many ways.

When our children were young our little boys came home from school complaining that all poetry was awful. I tried to explain that poetry can tell stories and be wonderful. They looked doubtful and expressed their steadfast opinions that they hated poetry.

Every child I have ever met loves a scary story as do most adults. What if a poem could tell a story even these two little boys would love and make them want to join in and talk about what they thought and felt too? I wanted to do it in a way that would allow discussions with the individ­ual child in a variety of applications to teach and communicates as well as entertain.

When a person has a dream or something else exceptional or strange occurs they often tell others the tale as they share their story. The person reading this book is telling the story. It becomes their story as they read on and it becomes ‘their tale.’ The story progresses describing what is and what is seen or heard and how it changes. The fantastic characters that puzzle, excite or even frighten occur. The ordinary such as the scarecrow or the pumpkins in the field come to life. The witch is seen causing freight in the distance but when her ugly sister is confronted face to face it is more than a person could stand….

This story concludes asking a question…Was it real or only a dream? Not all things in life have answers but in asking questions we often find more understanding. Children often fear many things especially if they do not develop an understanding of the things that they fear.

Many children fear the dark, the unknown, things that are different, dreams, and many more things they do not always have the words to communicate. I we ask if it is dark at night the answer will be yes. How dark is dark? If there is fear of the dark, we may need to take a closer look and discover what it is that we are afraid of. I believe by using this brief tale it allows us to open countless avenues encouraging discussions, thoughts, teaching new things, observing, and sharing,.. People young and old love a spooky story. I believe that people of different ages will find different things in the same story here. The last statement asks the question…Was it a dream? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? For children as they read or hear this book they often open up sharing their own thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams.

It allows a fun time shared with a story that ignites the imagination and opens doors of communication from the beginning to end. It starts with an ominous air or mystery and suspense that ends with the question that makes a story in the story…Was it a dream?

This may be a seasonal story wonderful for Halloween but most people including children love a scary story any time of the year. Through the years as I have told or read this story the children sit motionless listening to every word. I have never had them lose interest even if they had heard it over and over. Even the adults smile and listen to the end. When the story is over it is only beginning as the questions flood forth about all dif­ferent things from the different children. It is a scary story but one with­ out the feeling of dread or apprehension that could haunt a young mind. I see more emotions relating to excitement, curiosity and a desire even for the shy one of the bunch to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and questions.

On this journey through the pumpkin field there are strange. Ominous, mysterious, and even magical things occur and culminate in the confron­tation with the old, ugly witch. Was it real or was it a dream? Could that be why it is requested even now into a new generation? The State Park used it for years with their Halloween special they had for the children. One year I was even the witch and read the story to one group after an­other. It was a wonderful time shared by all. Children that had heard it back when our children were young now bring their children to me to tell the story. Now I want you all to have it and the joy it brings sharing and talking and getting to know their little dreams, hopes and fears.

I hope that my illustrations will bring this tale to life and just as my children and grandchildren and so many others have loved this tale, it will bring a special smile and create memories shared by all who read or receive it. This book is my gift to be passed on and shared, that can live on and reach out beyond the pages leaving delighted smiles. The Pumpkin Field is a little book with a big reach. I hope each and every one a very happy Halloween and special memories shared.

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