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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have been a bit under the weather but yesterday I got to feeling better and decided to try something new.  It has only been one year now that I have been on the internet and learning so many new things.  I have had to learn a lot about books and what it takes to make something you have written become a real book that you can hold in your hand and then that you could have as an e-book and still hold it in your hand.  Traditional or self-published, it is an amazing and often complicated or frustrating journey.  It has all been worth it.  I believe in the things that I have written.  The professor that I had for one of the college classes was discussing the idea to write for the concept of creating.  He abhorred the idea of writing for fame, or money.  His one criticism of some of my writing was that it would make wonderful material for movie of the week.  I asked what and why he would think such a thing and he explained that the characters and development of the stories would be intensely interesting in movie format.

I had no idea what he was really trying to say.  If a story is interesting I thought it would be a good thing.  If I could write something and someday go to see the movie that would really be fantastic.   I could not control the urge to laugh and he looked confused.  I told him that I wanted to be able to write and share a story and make it so vivid and realistic and interesting that the reader…or watcher…could feel as if they were there…they could understand the feelings and fears, hopes and dreams of the characters….they could see it, smell it, feel it and remember it.  I wanted everything that I write to be special in its own way.  I am trying.

It is almost Halloween.  That brings back many memories for me.  The children always loved to dress up and trick or treat.  They also love to hear the Pumpkin Field poem or story.  I have been getting messages and phone calls asking when and where they can bring their children to hear the little story and for me to tell it.  I have read it several times and have a few more to go. 

Yesterday I got an idea.  I know that I should be concerned about selling the books.  It is somewhat more popular during the Halloween season and that will soon be over.  Most people would never think of giving a book about a haunted pumpkin field with a witch around for Christmas but it makes me smile to see the little children light up with delight at even a copy stapled together for them any time of the year.

I know so little about computers what I had in mind seemed impossible.  The sound is still so low I can hardly hear it but I will learn and until I can do better I still want to be able to reach out and share.

I have had so many wonderful people communicate here on the internet that I think and feel of them as friends.  I may have never actually seen their face or heard their voice, but I have felt the emotion and heard through reading their words.  Now I want to share.  If you listen closely you can hear me read the little story.  I can share it with you and some of the drawings.  I was amazed at the reaction of my own grandson.  He has heard the story so many times and even has the idea for the sequel we will be doing together next.  I did it several times and thought he might tire of hearing it especially since we could not have the sound up on his cartoons while I tried to record it. 

He loved it.  He smiled and thought it was wonderful that he could hold his own book and listen and see on the computer screen as the words of the little story softly shared the tale.  The audio version is not for sale.  It is for anyone who wants to hear it or share it with a friend.  I just have to figure out how to post it in many places.  I have it on the facebook fan page….
And it is

When I made this little book it is amazing how long it took.  I might just be a bit slow but the illustrations were something that I wanted to be special and share emotion as much as the words.  I wanted to be able to not only talk with the children about the story but also the pictures.  They had to be simplistic but I wanted them to be filled with color and life bringing the characters to life even more as the story was read.  I wanted them to have attitudes and be of interest.  I tried my best with each and every picture.  They were not pictures to go with the story but pictures that were the story.

What I did is take some of the pictures from the book and read the story trying to put it all together so that I could read a story for you too.  My voice may be old and hoarse but then so am I and it is a Halloween story.  I hope that you like it and if you do pass it on to share with someone else.  I will be back to talk more about all of this and more.  I am supposed to read it to a group of children they hope will number 50 to 60 with a real bonfire and hotdogs.  It should be a day and I hope to get pictures then too.

I have been unable to get it to load here or on utube but have included the link to it on Facebook.  I am not sure what I need to do but will keep trying and hope that you like it.

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