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Thursday, December 29, 2011


 Dec 23, 2013      Update.... It has been two years since we lost this precious child.  She is still with us in heart.  We lost her momma, we lost her, we lost my mother this summer and so many others, but still we smile with the memories of the joy they brought to all around them.

Mackenzie Beary, 11, of Finch Community died Friday, December 23 at her residence. She was born July 2, 2000 in Jonesboro to David and Teresa Beary. She was a 6th grader at Brookland Middle School and was a member of Central Baptist Church where she was involved with AWANA. She also enjoyed playing volleyball for the NEA Junior Olympics and snow skiing.

 When there is a young person like this who never gave up and reached out in the lives of so many she will live forever in my heart.  Diabetes is something that is not easy and this life was too short but she truly lived her life.

This is not the usual blog, but my blog is my voice to share so many things.  This is so much on my heart that I want to share it.  I wish that I could take this letter and place it in the hands of the little girl I wrote it for.  I wish that I could hold her and hug her and tell her we love her.  I said that I would write real and from the heart here and you can not get much more real than this. 

Right before Christmas we lost our niece in a tragic accident.  She left behind her two teenage sons and three small children.  She left behind a husband that loved her more than words could tell.  She left behind so many of us who will always keep her in our hearts.  We miss her so.  Teresa Beary will be missed by many.

Christmas was almost here again.  On Dec23 her little daughter died of a sudden illness.  Today is her visitation and tomorrow her funeral.  You can not imagine what a blessing she has been to all of us who knew her.  She …..Oh,…. how we will miss her.  I can not hold her, or hug her, or talk about her hopes and dreams.  So I write her a letter and I will share it here.

Dear Mackenzie,

            I had to write and tell you things that fill my heart.  I am so proud to say how special you are in so very many ways.

            Your years may be young but your insights and wisdom were so profound as you loved all around you.  Your ability to reach out to others caring, sharing, and inspiring was an example for others to aspire to achieve.

            Your physical beauty was breath taking with a smile that lights the room.  Your eyes sparkled and were filled with life and cheer.

            Your determination and confidence were impressive.  You did more than talk about someday you would be or do.  You did and lived and everyday touched the lives of all who knew you.

            Your courage and strength were exemplary as was your compassion for others.

            Your faith and conviction were pure and from the heart.  You did more than speak your beliefs, you lived your faith.  Such an example we might hope to achieve as we work and grow all of the years of our lives.  You were all of these things and more.

            There is no street address in heaven to send this so I’ll send it in a prayer.

            Are there angels that walk among us? This day I know for sure.  God gave us an angel and now he called you home.

            You live forever in our hearts. 

They have set up a fund for donations to help at the Liberty Bank in Jonesboro, Ar. for MacKenzie Beary.


  1. Think Mackenzie got your letter, Linda. Love has no boundaries - especially not between Heaven and Earth.

  2. Very moving Linda, it's true, some people are put here as agents or angels of God. They're here only for a short while to teach, heal or help and when they're gone, we can't help but miss them!

  3. Wonderful letter for a wonderful angel