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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dance Me Home By Carol Dabney

I knew when I started to read Dance Me Home, I would want to write a review and maybe even a blog.  When I finished reading Dance Me Home by Carol Dabney, I found a rare occurrence of having no words.  From the first page of the book I was swept into a story filled with the passions of life, told in such a beautiful and flowing manner allowing the author to share not only a story, but allow the reader to know and feel and see what things were like for so many people so many years ago.  This book is so much more than a simple memoir or biography.  This is a book that does more than tell history of times and people as it gives an in depth and intimate glimpse of life from different times in history and places near and far. 

It is the story of her father and the times of his life and the lives around him.  It is more than that as it reveals the many issues, and not just the consequences good and bad, but the intense emotions as exhibits insight to reveals heart and soul of the people and times.  She does not tell the history as the story develops.  She reveals it and it too is part of the story as the times of our lives are a part of our own story of life.

The struggle a man faces with post traumatic stress and alcoholism becomes a challenge that could have destroyed his life and the family.  His unending love for his wife and family give him the strength to find recovery and renewed enthusiasm sharing love and making memories with his family after his discovery of his Christian faith.

This story was such a delight to read as it not only holds the readers interest, it carries you to times and places and people sharing heart.  This is a beautiful story told in an honest and sincere manner presenting not only the joys and successes experienced but also the difficult, painful, and hurtful times and how they did more than survive in life.  They shared the love of family and grew together leaving behind something special to remember and share.  It shows a love that did not end. Carol's father fell in love with Wanda and wanted to dance and hold her in his arms.  During the most difficult times in the war this young man dreamed of that dance and it was what helped to carry him through until he could go home... Dance Me Home.  They had their dance in life and one day will dance together again.

The song she wrote for this has a story of it's own. 

There are mystery and suspence stories filled with intrigue that hold the reader to the edge of their seat wanting to read more.  There are stories filled with page after page of drama and violence or other topics to have impact.  This is a story so different from any I have read before as it gives a depth and sincerity to so many issues and circumstances written in a way that carries the reader to the people, places, and times.   You don't just read this story, you feel this story.  It carries you with it and lets you become a part of it.  I will not go into the actual story line because I know as I write this I could never present the story in Dance Me Home to equal the actual story.  This is one book you will not want to miss and will not want to put down.

From the very first page to the last word on the last page, I felt such pleasure and interest I could not put this book down.  As I read the last of the book emotion filled me as with a tear I could visualize Dance Me Home. 

I would like to share some information about the author. 

The photos in this album show an amazing adventure a young woman has made with her music and those she met along the way.     and

Carol Dabney is an author, musical composer, vocalist and artist from Arkansas and a mother of five.

Carol studied Italian Opera at age 16 at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and was “Miss Arkansas Teen” during the Bicentennial year, winning the National talent Award.

Carol recorded her first 45 lp record in Nashville Tenn at age 17. Carol has such talent and a voice that can carry more than a tune as the emotion of her music carries to all who hear.

She was invited to sing the National Anthem at the White House and sang for President Bill Clinton when he was running for Govenor of Arkansas.

 Carol lived in Hawaii for 15 years and recorded with Paradise Records in Honolulu. Carol was a disc jockey for KFSH Christian Radio Station in Hilo Hawaii. She has been a choir director and resource teacher.   and

Carol shares the story about her daughter Lieutenant Melissa Dabney and her grandson Noah on her book Military Mommy.  She accompanied her daughter and grandson to their first duty station at Schofield Army Barracks and learned first hand about Army life.  She made a pictorial journal which became the inspiration for the book.  It is a wonderful book written from the point of view of the child and deals with such issues as separation, relocation and feelings our little ones may have.    Picture of You" music copyright by Carol Dabney, words and music
Dedicated to the Military men and women serving America

Carol now shares her children’s book around the country having traveled from Memphis, Tennesse to the Hawaiian Islands. She speaks and sings with her ukulele at schools, libraries and civic clubs. Carol continues to write music and various articles, stories and poems.

Carol has a collection of paintings she has done as well and us illustrating another of her children's books.

Carol is a woman of such talent, ability, versatility and an enthusiasm for life.  She is a person who excels in so many ways.  Carol is a person who reaches out to others with compassion, care and sincerity.  You can feel these things in her music, writing, art and with each of the many lives she touches. 

Carol is a member of the Linda Nance NEA Writers Group in Jonesboro, Ar.  Her inspiration and insight have helped so many.  There is something special in Carol and she shares it with all around her.

This is only some of the wonderful art she creates...


Share her photo album and see some special events and a way to know Carol a little better.

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