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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Write

There have been so many things that have kept me from coming here and visiting a spell.  I had so many things that came to mind to share, but life got in the way.  I could tell you that I fell and it has taken a while to heal,and it would be true... that is not something I want to talk about.  I am working very hard to hold my own in this life and live it as best I can.  I understand that I have limitations, but do not want to let them define life.  I don't care who you talk to or where you meet them, if we are alive we each have difficulties to overcome or find a way to deal with.

But I am back.  I am back and want to share so many things.  I titled this blog... More Than Just A Story In A Book.  That is the way I look at it.  What I write is really more than just a story in a book.

Life Goes On is a story about a family in crisis.  The father lost his job and they lost their home.  Forced to live in an area they had avoided even driving through there were many influences the children were exposed to.  When they could not pay the rent there they faced being homeless or accepting help from a relative they hardly knew in a different part of the country.  They had children that did not want to go, relocating to an area so different from all that they knew, among strangers.  They did not want to go.  They would be moving from north to south, city to country, to a life they did not accept.

This is a story of more than the family in crisis.  This is a story of life.  Life Goes On relates to many who are faced with choices.  We may thing we have the right to do what we want to do because it is our life but do not consider the cosequences of our actions and choices.  Those consequences may reach far beyond our own lives.  Some choices may alter the course of our entire lives and affect all who care about us.  The choices we choose could hurt or even kill those who love us the most.  When it is done and over....Life Goes On.  This is not a story where they always make the right choices or learn and do what is right.  This is a story of a family facing difficult times and trying to survive.

That is the first book I published.  It is not the first book I wrote.  I wrote Jouney Home first.  I published  Life Goes On after considering the state of the economy and how many families faced such difficult times.  We can feel so alone in life at times, especially when times are so difficult. 

Journey Home will always be special in my heart.  My daughter had a school project of writing a short story.  I was trying to encourage her and show her that she could do it.  She challenged me and told me she loved my idea for a story and I should write a short story of my own.  It ended up being over 550 pages long.  I guess you could call it the short story that did not end.  I have written blogs and even included a section in the book that is not fiction called I Will Not Give Up...Not Today...Life Is A Journey.  I have tried to be real and share this time in my life.

Journey Home tells of a young woman who strives to succeed in life.  Her mother abandoned her at a young age but her father was her world along with her aunt and uncle who helped raise her in the rural hills of Arkansas.  Life was not easy and she found no satisfaction in her personal life.  She did however have a talent for writing that allowed her the freedom of employment to work where ever she resided.  When she was notified of the death of her uncle following her aunt, she was pushed into residing in the old family home where she had grown up.  Things had changed since she was a child.

Her father had been killed in a robery of a local store leaving her alone in the world.  She could be in a crowd of people and still feel alone knowing others had no idea of the heart ache or problems that she faced.  She had a stalker.  It was not an obvious stalker that would stand out so they could isolate, find and deal with.  Her stalker worked at doing subtle little things.  If she told others about the things harrassing her they all blamed her imagination stating she was after all a writer.  They told her not to worry about them.  When you think about it,.... her apartment had been broken in numberous times and nothing was ever taken.  A chair would be pulled out in the center of the room to let her know they had been there.  Something else would be moved.  She could not call the police and tell them it was an emergency because someone rearranged her furnature....but she knew.  She knew they had been there and they wanted her to know too.  Knowing in her heart that who ever it was, was spending a lot of time to watch her and torment her for an unknow reason caused fear.  Everyone does things for a reason.  What reasons would be important enought for this much attention?

After being told over and over it was probably her imagination or not to worry because they did not steal anything, she began to feel alone.  She could be in a crowd of people and feel alone.  She was in her uncle's will and there were some unusual stipulations for her to reside in the family home for a speciafied period of time.  She began to view it as an escape of the problems she endured.  What she found is more and intense problems leaving her to survive or .....  not.  She had endured so many dissapointments and betrayals in life that it was difficult for her to accpt others into her own private world let alone trust.... but if she did not learn to trust only the right persons, she might not survive.  There would be times in life everyone needed a little help from their friends.  There would be times there was no easy way to explain but you hoped someone would understand and accept you anyway.

Journey Home is a mystery, suspense, romance, drama, and story that has an ending, that so far no one.... no one .... had seen coming.  I wanted to write a book that could keep the reader there in the story from beginning to end.  I want you to know the people because they are not just characters...  they have all of the attributes of people....   It may be fiction but I wanted it to be the most real fiction I could make it.  I wanted the reader to be there and see it , feel it, and be a part of it to the very end.  Even then, we could write some more.  As long as I have breath, I have one more book that I want to share.

I have so many more things I want to tell you about the books that I write but every day is a new day.  I am going to come back tomorrow and tell even more.

I want to tell why I write.  I want to tell the things that inspire me.  I want to tell what I am woring on now and the things that are soon to come.  I want to share so many things but if I wait until I feel good enough to tell it all it will never be told.,  I will come and visit a spell as life, time and health permit.

I know there are others out there who understand what I say when I say I am tired....really tired.  There are others who have had health problems with heart, breathing, cancer who know tired....can be so much more than a word.  I may be a bit tired but I am not giving up...Not Today.... I Will Not Give Up Today,,,,  That is my book.  I hope you all get a copy.  It is more than saying buy my book.  It is sharing me with you.  This is my way to reach out to the world and not give up,....lay down and die.  I will live each day to the fullest and know that each day is a blessing.

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