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Sunday, March 31, 2013

DANNY IS HERE….NOW… I May be gone soon but will be back


  I have been so determined to get the novel Danny released by April 10.  It is here now or will be by morning.  If you want a book you can hold in your hands it is here now at CreateSpace eStore:

          The book is available also on Amazon at

The ebook is here too  

For a short time only to introduce this book and celebrate it's arrival it will be priced at $2.99 for the Kindle edition.

          I appreciate all of the input when I worked to do the cover.  When I started I had seen some storm clouds overhead and thought how powerful the emotion was looking at them knowing what those storms can do.  The wind came up quickly sweeping my hair back and cooling rapidly.  I felt a shiver as a chill ran through me right before the drops of rain started.

          I had continued to work with the idea of clouds and something looking down from them.  In the book and the story Danny there is more than a person might think that is looking.  It is watching.  It is there waiting. 

          I thought of the idea of a child reaching out.  If we felt so alone and lost, helpless and abused, what would we accept as we reached out for help. There is darkness beyond the hand of the child.  There is light above and behind but a darkness swirling around that could consume or carry a person away.
I had to decide on a color.  Color can make such a change in the mood of a picture.   I think it can create emotion.  Blue is not only the color of the ribbon for child abuse and this month is Child Abuse Awareness Month, but it has a cold look to it in the cover.  I hope you like it.

          I think this is a story you will not soon forget.  I believe it is one that will also bring to mind the consequences often overlooked or not thought of.  It is a story of fiction but one hauntingly real in heart and feel.
           A young child trapped in a nightmare life had a special friend. His friend said, “You can call me Danny.” Danny was his only friend. Feeling alone, abused, isolated and lost, a young child needed someone. No one but Steven could see or hear Danny. Was Danny imagination, a friendly ghost there protecting, or was there more to this entity than anyone might suspect? Steven began to think Danny might be a Guardian Angel but angel or evil…only time would tell….. because Steven would tell no one and betray his friend and that friend was there to stay. 
Tragedy and chaos, murder and an end to life as Steven had known, erupted in his household in the dark of night.  

                                                 This is a story you will not soon forget. 
           Danny is a story of a young child living a nightmare life of abuse and neglect. The pain of abuse at any age is one that has consequences. There are those who are stronger and live lives determined to never repeat the horrors they endured but there are others who survive in other ways. Feeling alone and vulnerable allows a person to be victimized even more in many instances. 
           Danny is a story of all that and more. There may come a day we suspect a person is being abused and want to help, finding it is more difficult than we dreamed.  If we dare to care and not give up, one by one we might make a difference. If we make a difference for even one person, it may mean the world to that one soul. 
             The idea that there might be more things in this world than meet the eye or that we might be able to see and understand, can give insight to a story that will take you beyond the abuse into the world lived by this child. This is more than a story of abuse and survival. This is a story that may haunt you in memory but remind us of what there can be in this world.  In this story you will know this child and feel from the depths of his inner-being instead of hearing his story. There may be a cold chill travel your spine as you begin to understand even more of this tale. We can call him Danny, but can we say who and what he really is? 

          I am so relieved to know that Danny is here and the book is a real book.  I hope to be able to share the news but know that my time to be online will be limited as we are enduring some very difficult times after my husband’s accident.  With no income we will have to wait…. But we will be back.  We are not giving up.  There have been a few times in this past month and some in the months before that seemed so impossible.  I try to look for the bright side and keep hope but there are times it is very hard.  In those times I heard from so many of you.  You helped share my news and sent messages of hope, good will, prayers and cares and touched my heart.  You all have helped more than you will ever know.

          These are things I do not say lightly and will remember always.

          I thank you.  I thank you all.  I may soon be gone from here, but will return.  While I am off line I will write…… Who knows what I will come up with next?  I will probably be here for another two weeks and hope to be able to tell all about this book I am so proud of.    I still get tired easily.  I am unable to sit here at the computer for long and having trouble with fluids.  It will get better and I will just take breaks and come back as often as I can.  I think I have been doing pretty good for the shape I am in and with all that life has presented.   There is no way I could give up with so many wonderful people reaching out to us.  Thank you.  We both thank you.

We had such a good time at my first book signing.

I read my children's book to my grandson's class.  I love the enthusiasm and interested in the young ones.  I think I had as much fun as they did.

This is Albert and I hope he will soon feel well again and we can visit with the children and grandchildren.  We can laugh and play and each day be brighter than the one before.

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