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Friday, May 6, 2011

Review by Fran Lewis of The Pumpkin Field

review of    The Pumpkin Field


 By Fran Lewis: reviewer

The illustrations help the reader feel as if you are experiencing the fear, the trepidations and the excitement of Halloween. The eerie feeling created by the three pumpkins and the picture of the tree that looks so alone and bare. You can feel the chill in the air and bite in it too just from the illustrations you begin to shiver. .As Halloween night takes a serene and calm pumpkin field and turns it into a world filled with scary scarecrows, pumpkins with faces that glow a silence that would frighten anyone- once again author Linda Nance takes the reader along with the young child who is either dreaming or experiencing what is happening in this pumpkin field, and you enter the same world and feel like you are there. The amazing expressions on the faces of the pumpkins, the black cat who lurks in the night and the young boy who is mesmerized by the sight of witch flying on her broomstick will give you chills all down your spine. The illustration of the witch is so detailed and graphic you can feel her spell working on the reader as she casts her fiendish bone chilling grin and smile sending anyone running in her wake. Is this a dream or did it really happen? I will never tell. Just wait until you visit the pumpkin field on the next Halloween Night and find out for yourself. 
This is a really great poem filled with mystery and suspense. I really think this is great. Fran

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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