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Monday, May 16, 2011


I have written about wanting to reach out and that is what my books are.  I have said that it is my way to have a voice.  I wanted to see the books become a reality before I went in for the cancer surgery.
I did not want to give up.  I even worked to create my own cover to make the book special from cover to cover.  Life Goes On is a real book and one that I am very proud of.  Life Goes On at   I even made it into an eBook.

Life Goes On   Amazon Kindle    ebook

I lived and now have a second novel out.  It is one the one that I did a painting in water colors to create the cover for.  I actually did many paintings and then chose one that has special meaning for me.  I could share my art as well as my writing with every book.  The cover for the first book is one I did from a photo I took over twenty years ago.  I knew it was right for the book and hoped that people could hold it in their hands and have something special.  This is Journey Home with the painting.  Journey Home..... and

 and the children’s book that I wrote and illustrated is just now out.
This is so special to me. 

I am working to try to make my dreams come true.  My dream is to be able to reach out to others and have a voice.  I want to write books that not only entertain but might have meaning.  I want others to know to never give up on their dreams and if we work hard enough our dreams really can come true.  I want to have the strength and courage to follow those dreams and not give up.  Every day is a challenge and presents new things we must deal with and find ways to endure, overcome or conquer.  I think we have to remember to never give up and I trust that the good Lord will watch over me and hopefully lead me to where I need to go.

I want to try to help others so I am now thinking about starting a writer’s group.  I am an expert at nothing but have passion and a desire to make a difference.  I try to learn as much as I can and never give up.  Together I think we could help one another.  In a group setting as we work to read and share things that we have written and work to learn from one another we might not only find inspiration in those awful moments when the words do not seem to come, developmental issues with what we write and also experience in public speaking.

Jonesboro, Ark is northeaster Ar.  If you know of anyone who might benefit or be interested in this they are welcome to contact me or watch the Facebook Linda Nance Fan page.  I will be posting things as it develops. 

In a writers group I would like to see us meet the needs of the members.  Sharing information, experiences of what works or does not, what things have been good or bad and help in writing would be something to work for.  I would love to see it as a means to assist and inspire one another.  I still get tired and have to live on oxygen…..but that is just it….I am still alive so I should do something.  I am trying my best with the books and have started a blog and fan page.

I talked about believing we should try to reach out to others and make a difference.  I have talked about how we should try to look for good things in life because we may find what we look for.  There is so much bad and depressing things all around we can easily find that but we need to look for what inspires us, gives us purpose, hope and joy.  We need to never give up…., I think I am going to charge up the oxygen bottles and give it a try.  If this works and you run across someone who might benefit from something like this I would love for you to share it.  Thank you for taking the time with this. I also hope to relate things and share here and on the fan page for others who may be too far away. 

If we take a happy thought, helpful thought and hopeful thought and pass it on….Who knows how far it could go….Who knows how much it could grow…have a happy day.
This is so special to me. 

We could share things that we have written and work to learn from one another.   We might not only find inspiration in those awful moments when the words do not seem to come, but also help with developmental issues with what we write and finding ways to let others know of the books.

Wish me luck.

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