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Friday, May 20, 2011

What Do You See?

What Do You See?
Some time ago I posted a photo that I had taken on Reviewers Roundup.  I asked the question…What do you see?  What I had in mind was not to find out who could guess what the picture actually was.  I had a more complex ambition and have to admit that it was a wonderfully enlightening and interesting project.  I enjoyed it so much I would like to do it again.  Many might remember it from before and think they would have nothing to add to the subject, but I think it is something that could be used in so many ways.  I want to post this same picture again and ask the same question.  I will post it on the Linda Nance Fan Page on Facebook and on the Google blog that I called More Than Just A Story in a Book.  The question is ‘What do you see?’  As you think about the question the next thing is to find a way to share your thoughts, feelings, impressions, and ideas as you look at a simple little picture.

I mentioned the name of this blog.  This project has nothing to do with any of my books, but it would be so much fun.  I chose the for the blog for more than one reason.  The most obvious is that I am trying to reach out and talk about the books that I write.  There is so much more to the name.  We each have our own stories.  We each write in our  own ways.  There is more to who and what I am than just the story in each of the books.  There is so much more all around us if we take the time to look and find it.  I think there are as many different styles and preferred ways to create and write as there are writers.  The things that we work to create are from us and by us, but often are accomplished with work and perseverance.  There other times the words seem to flow.   There may be a special location that is a preference to use as the writing begins as Kim Hanks mentioned in his blog.  There are more things than could be listed that might inspire the imagination of a writer.

I have often been working on a novel and come to a point of contemplation.  I had not found exactly what I thought the story needed or the words to tell what I needed to say.  At those times something different frees my thoughts.  It could be a ride in the country, a visit with family or sitting peacefully watching a beautiful sunset as it flares in all of the intense magnificence and the changes before your very eyes until it dims to the night to come.  It can also be a fun writing project.  I might write a special poem or note to a friend.  I might write a short story.  Since we got on the internet I have been writing many things.  It can also be something such as this project.

It was amazing when I saw all of the responses.  There were no two alike.  If you already know what the photo is please do not tell until the end.  Do not hesitate to take the challenge to see what you could create as you really look at the picture.   I would love to see what the imaginations can create.  It is not really about what the picture is as much as what you see.  What more can you see?  Is there a story behind it?  I hope to hear from you all.  I will be joining in too.  I took the photo but if I really look at it I can see many things it could be.  Come and join in the fun.


  1. Dear Linda,

    You're so inspiring and artistic! i will lookout for some of your work and read it.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Linda,
    I'm glad that I found your blog & now I'm following you. Life Goes On is such an inspiring story. I just can't wait to read Journey Home. You are such a creative person!