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Sunday, November 20, 2011


There are so many things I have wanted to write about and have been excited about but there is only one thing that stands out and fills me with emotion today.  Last night it filled me with tears.  Not long ago I asked for help naming our new little puppy.  We chose PeeWee and he has been such a joy.  He was filled with so much life and radiated love.  He would run a play with my little grandson.  They were best of friends.  Every day when everyone went off to work or school, the little bundle of love was my buddy.  As the months passed he grew.  His legs were long and he could jump and romp and was filled with life and enthusiasm.  He would stand on his hind legs so he could lay his head in my lap looking up with eyes that radiated love and emotion without the need for words from this little animal to this lonely old woman.   He was a little guy with a big heart.

Yesterday just before dark I was out back starting the grill.  My grandson had just come in with his little friend who lives next door playing in his room.  My daughter appeared at the back door telling me to keep the kids here.  She had eyes filled with tears.  PeeWee had escaped and gone out onto the highway.  He had been hit by a truck.  It was bad.  I will not go into details.

When I came in the house I could not hold back the tears and when the phone rang with her saying she needed help from Albert because it was so bad and he was suffering…..I had already called Albert and he was on his way home.  She called back to say it was over.  He was gone.  I felt such loss I could not hold back the tears.  My dog had not died…my friend and companion had died.  My little buddy was gone.  There have been some difficult times in life and he always had a nuzzle, wag of the tail and a way to make me smile.  He was gone.  He is gone.

I could not hold back the tears and felt as if I could not breathe.  I felt a small hand on my shoulder and a voice near my face.  “Mamaw…Mamaw…what’s wrong.  Tell me what’s wrong.  It’s ok…Tell me.”

There before me stood two little boys who had romped and played with the little dog and loved him just as much as I had.  They had held him as a small puppy and ran with him everyday.  They had a right to know but did not need to see.  I told them PeeWee had gone out onto the road and was hit by a truck.

The shock flashed across the two little faces and they were ready to run to the little dog.  I stopped them saying it was too late to help him and they had to stay there with me.  I explained that Zander’s mom and all of the neighbors were there with him and taking care of things.

The look on the faces swiftly changed from shock to heartbreaking grief as what I had said became real.  “I love PeeWee so much, Mamaw.”  He could say no more as tears flowed down his little face.  His friend’s face crumpled into tears beside him as he added that he too loved the little dog.

I reached out before me and hugged a little boy in each arm as we cried to gather.  Today is still a sad day as we have talked and cried some more but we are trying to remember the good times shared and the love this little animal brought to our lives.

PeeWee and the little boy were best friends.  They were play mates.  They were more than a boy and a dog.  Little Zander squared his shoulders and said he wanted to write as note for PeeWee.  He wanted to do it himself.

As his Mom and Grandpa got things ready to lay the little dog to rest wrapped in one of Zanders baby blankets, Zander wrote his own note saying how much he loved PeeWee.  He then very seriously signed his name.

I could not hike that far outside without the oxygen and my small tank was out but my husband told me with deep emotion causing his voice to crack.  They gathered around and little Zander wanted to hold the flashlight so his Papaw could dig the hole.  He then solemnly read what he had written saying good bye to PeeWee and they placed his letter in the blanket.

I have a question…Is it silly to feel such loss and grief over a dog?  To us he was more than a dog.  To me he was my little friend.  The love shared will live in the heart.  I told my grandson that love never dies.  Real love lives in the heart.

A handful of love

You could see the love shared

Little PeeWee was in the hearts of the whole family

He had his own little bed but could find some strange ways to sleep here and there too

He was even friends and played with the cats.  They had adopted him.

It took a lot of kitty patience for his puppy playing but they were family

PeeWee was not to be left out where there were fun times or play times.  If you look behind the boy and his grandpa you see PeeWee waiting for his treat too.


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  1. How sad. Love is love and loss is loss, whether it be human or animal.