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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Tangled Web reviewed by Linda Nance

The Tangled Web takes the reader on a journey.  As I read the Tangled Web, I could see and feel and hear the island.  This was not written by the uninformed.  Aspects of more than just the island are done in detail and accuracy.  It uses a realistic sense of scenes and people.  The writer found a way to create characters and places or scenes, that could by words on a page, allow me as a reader to enjoy intensity of the scenes and seas, islands, beauty, lush complexities and even the unforgiving nature there with so much more that lies just below the surface of the sea as well as the heart of man.

The characters involved are developed and written prompting the reader to get to know them and discover their many qualities and depths, as well as secretes so much more than the obvious.  It is not a simple story played out to quickly scan through and move on.  This is a novel of depth that allows you to know people instead of viewing characters.  You begin to feel the warm moist tropical air hearing the rhythmic ocean calling you to know and read more. 

I have mentioned the island so much, perhaps because after reading The Tangled Web I would so love to see such beauty and a sincerity of some of it's people.  When the story skips around the globe in locations and scenes, it is realistic in vividly accurate details.  I can go to lands far and away and know people of many and varied characteristics as I hold this story in the palm of my hand.  You begin to know these people.  You see these places.  You are caught in the Tangled Web of it all and can not put it down or forget until you know......

You feel the heat of the tropics but also the realistic reactions of the people, life, drama, tension, passion, and more.

It may be a Tangled Web but with people who hope to find a way and make it better than before.  The warm moist heat of the tropics may fuel the imagination but the heat of passion will ignite as those looking for depth and meaning, and answers hope to part the tangled web and find truth revealed.  They can pray there will be a way to build and find understanding.

The Tangled Web carries the reader far and away with every page leaving the reader wanting more.  That brings me to think about what is to come.  I feel as if I have come to know this author. I feel with all of my heart and soul she is my friend.  She is a very real and heart felt person of not only depth of character but also talent and inspiration.  She has such a depth of character with in herself allowing her to see beyond the surface and be able to translate life's lessons into written text than not only allows you to see and know, but also feel the story.  I say feel because it is more than anticipation to view the next event in the story.  It is to feel the fear, frustration, dread, betrayal, secrets, confusion and more.  There is a passion to life, integrity, truth, people, friends and those we might love.  In a story of such depth how much more is there to discover?

Read the Tangled Web and decide for yourself.  It is more than just a story in a book.  It is a work of fiction that makes it come to life.

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  1. Linda, I thank you. This is so beautiful. Ironically, just about an hour ago I was thinking about the mixed reviews The Tangled Web has been getting. Reading them, I've been surprised to learn this is a thriller women love - though one woman disliked it so much she gave it a 1-star. I admit I cringed, but then I reminded myself that Jane Austen got some pretty bad reviews in her time (: And so do we all. But, as you well know as a writer yourself, a review like yours is music to an author's ears. It encourages us and spurs us on to give our readers our best. Because there's always another book. Thanks again!