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Monday, May 28, 2012

Bringing Memories Home

In my last blog I told about my family going to a place I remembered from my childhood and from many visits through all of the years.  There was, and if I am honest, is a certain sadness that I am unable to go on an outing right now such as this.  That sadness could not bloom into something bad as my husband, daughter and grandson took the time to take pictures and bring back such stories told with enthusiasm sharing with me the memories of the day.  They brought the memories home.

I looked at the pictures and it is still so beautiful.  When I saw the water flowing over the dam I could remember not only the sight and sound as it literally roared with the power of such massive amounts of water flowing, but you can feel it.  You can feel the cool radiate from the cold spring water and feel the low rumble feeling of the power of the water.  The sound is almost a roar and the site is awesome.

The actual spring is 70 foot below the surface of the water you see as you enjoy the view.  It forms a large pond with a color rarely seen.  The water is so crystal clear but also so very deep it has a magnificent color of blue to it.  

 The massive amounts of water flowing through from the pond and then over the dam make a display of sparkling patterns and diamond like reflecting shimmers exploding below as it rushes on to make the Spring River.

I guess in some ways I see things differently from some.  We all do that in our own way.  When we would go up into the hills of the Ozarks in the Fall I would often get so excited seeing the colors of the trees.  There are times I would look at the bare branches of trees in the winter and see beauty as they created patterns against the sky.  I might see a tree with and interesting twist to the form of the branches.  I might look up through the trees and appreciate the canopy formed by the living branches and leaves above. 

When I looked through the pictures I found one from the view below looking up through the tree leaves.  I had to smile as I knew my daughter had been thinking of me and there was a tree picture for momma.


My daughter laughs as she remembers more than one occasion when I would gasp pointing,  “Look at that.  Look!”

She seemed puzzled and would ask what in the world I was looking at.  I would point to a tree that seemed almost ablaze with color and say,  “That tree….it is so beautiful.”

In a forest of trees I am so excited as I see a tree.  There are times we forget to look for the tree as all we see is the forest.  There are so many little things in life that are so beautiful.

Sitting under the huge limbs of an old tree, enjoying the shade and view I have often noticed some weed growing near by.  At first glance it really is a weed but if we look closer they often have some tiny little flowers that are the most delicate and beautiful sites.

The look of excitement in the eyes of my grandson as he reels in a fish or sees all of these sights for the first time would be a site of beauty.  I did not have to completely miss these things.  When they got home he was filled with such excitement as he could not wait to tell of his adventures.  My daughter and husband had smiles and tales to tell of all of the things seen and done for the day and pictures to go with it.

When those we love show their love in return by taking such joy in making me feel a part of the day and the memories it is something not to be missed.  When others take the time to not only share but to include and show love we need to take the time to see what it really is they are doing.  Each one of the pictures is a moment captured to bring home and share.

When they got home the excitement of the day was still with them.   The idea of a bonfire came to life.  The end of a perfect day shared in the last moment of daylight as darkness surrounded and the time to tell each story of their adventures.   Tales told around the fire ended a perfect day for all.  (It also cleans up any limbs that need to be picked up in a really fun way)

Bringing Home Memories and the memories of those we love.  I hope you each and every one have a wonderful day and create some wonderful memories to share with someone you love.

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