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Friday, July 13, 2012

Silver Moon

When you look for a good book to read there are so many to choose from.  Silver Moon is a book that has so much more than a good story well told.  It leaves no emotion untouched as the drama of the story escalates with the suspense, romance and action of the characters involved and their lives.  The realistic portrayal of the rodeo life's style leaves the reader feeling as if they were there... not only seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling the events, but they gather a better understanding from and inside point of view of the Old West Culture and the sport of Rodeo.  There are many books written including such things, but this story reveals details and subtle things not just found in a simple research of the subject.  A love of that way of life and knowing real people can inspire a writer to develop fictional characters and a story that comes to life.

Jetta described it like this..."The American Cowboy is a real life hero whose memory has crossed generations.  His courage and patriotism has been kept alive through music and the written word, and rodeo.  The horses, those Stetsons and Boots, the competition to tame the wild beast are all captivating and perhaps a bit hypnotic.  There is an intensity and vibrant life you can feel in rodeo and the people there."

When you think about what a hero really is there are many things that come to mind but Jetta has an interesting way to think about it.  "A hero is someone who takes the appropriate action at the appropriate time regardless of personal risks.  Sometimes that hero saves others, or saves the situation, sometimes the hero saves themselves"  As you read Silver Moon you can see that thought as you can in real life viewing characters that apply these attributes.  Jessica Warnick is one character that is complex but has depth and heart.  She has to find the courage to do what she feels is right even if it breaks her heart to take a stand.  I will not tell you what her choices are or what she finds the courage to do.  I will tell you that you will want to know these characters as the people they become in this story.  You will love them, hate them, become angry with them for some of their choices and actions but all of that is what makes this more than a simple story and more of a tale to be remembered.  You will find things you love and things you hate but you will not find a lack of emotions including some humor.

In Silver Moon, the rodeo is a bond of four characters all looking for change in their lives and the hope of much money to be made.  Each of the four have different objectives and find life does not always follow the best made plans.  Every person has their own dreams in life.  Some dream to be free from a relationship they are in while others dream to hold on to one.  She dream for change in the opportunity to prove themselves and others want to change the direction of their lives while they still have time.  None of them is prepared or foresees all involved in the changes that will come.  This fast paced and interesting book involves the reader with the characters during their physical and emotional challenges, personal triumphs and losses.  Bonded together by a business venture of the Rodeo, the four people dream and hope they will be able to make the changes they so desire, never dreaming that all things have consequences including what makes dreams come true or become a nightmare. 

Instead of telling you the story in the book I will tell you not to miss the special event July 19th, 20 and 21st.  For these three days Silver Moon is celebrating and offering it free sharing the intense and riveting novel to all.

See and learn more about the author here and many others sites.  Jetta is a member of the NEA Writer's Group and is inspirational, supportive, informative and a delight to all who know her.  She share many links and other things of interest on her pages and the group page of 

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  1. Silver Moon sounds like an interesting book, kinda like going to find out if the grass is greener on the other side. Congratulations and best wishes for success.