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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Can Hear It With Your Ears But Can You Feel It In Your Heart?

Friday the 13th to some may be an unlucky day and it could be an interesting discussion about that day but I have other news I want to share.  I want to tell you about something that did more than entertain me.  It did more than provide an interesting evening.  I want to tell you about en evening, place and people that have made a great impression for me and many others.

TheArts@311 is a musicians/artists collective providing a meeting place for artists and those who appreciate and want to support the arts locally.  That sounds simple but when you experience the place and what is happening there, it is far from simple ... except, it is simply outstanding in so many ways.

This is a place where people with a passion can share their talents and works.  Art comes in many shapes and forms.  When the sky is ablaze with color that paints the heavens in a sunset....a writer may have words that fill the soul sharing the beautiful site and bringing it to life to share with others.  An artist can visualize the colors flooding the canvas or paper creating such a beauty to share.  A photographer feels the desire to capture the moment of the ever changing beauty as the sun sets.  A musician may feel inspiration to create the song, the music, the composition or performance that ignites the passion in their hearts.  Art in many forms and often combined are so much more than something to see and hear.

That is what we experienced on Friday the thirteenth at The Arts @311.  I could say that we listened to some really good music there but that would be an understatement.  I could say that we had such a good time it made you want to tap your foot and sing along but that too would not be enough to actually explain what the evening was like for me.  I heard music and that is true but I felt the passion by those performing as the rhythm, lyrics and sounds touched my heart and soul.

There were so many there and everyone had a chance to share their own gifts such as Skye and Jennifer Ansara and Leon McEntire who were playing when we arrived with Carl Holden.  What talent all of them have and an ability to covey emotion.  Song after song playing and singing the music seemed to flow from them.

Watching my own husband on stage with Rev. Rick Bowen, and Rob Rubenstien playing harmonica as if it was sounds from the soul, joining and blending with the other instruments and vocalists made me smile and proud.

Mike Lovell, Eddie, Carl Holden, and David Shade playing guitar in all different songs with such talent and inspiration as the different vocalist of Carl, Jen, Skye and Eddie formed an evening you did not want to end.  I can honestly say there was not a moment I did not enjoy and even more than listening to the music....I felt the music.  I felt the enthusiasm and passion.  I felt the art shared and moment that was like electricity through all who were present.

Hearing Carl Abraham and Erik on the drums gave depth and intensity pulsing in the soul.  The music was alive and I felt alive in a moment to remember.  This is something so special in the place and the people right down to those who became a part of it all as we listened and became one with the music and people who played.  It was more than the notes of a song or words of the lyrics.  It was more than the rythum of the drums.  The music was passion and intensity uniting all who were there.

I look forward to returning for many other events and nights shared and people sharing their ART at The Arts @311 in Jonesboro, Ar at 311 Church St.

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  1. How exciting it is to spend an evening like that immersed in creativity. I find the same kind of thing happening at our art center in town. I always feel so energized after attending an event there.