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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Telling Tales Through The Years

We had such a wonderful time last night.  We shared the evening filled with spooky tales, stories and moments presented by numerous people. 

There is a place in Jonesboro, Ar that is so outstanding in what they do.  They offer a place and times for people to gather and enjoy the arts in many forms.  We have gone and listened to music you wish would never end, as the evening is amazing for all.  The entertainers do more than play their music, they join with such passion everyone becomes a part of it all.  There are special events of so many different kinds that allow everyone to view, hear and become a part of it as artists show their creations, writers share their words and works, and musicians play a variety of music to delight and entertain.

TheArts@311 is a musicians/artists collective. It is a meeting place for artists and those who appreciate and want to support the arts locally. A warm comfortable and friendly place for friends, family and neighbors to join in the fun.  It is a place to meet and make new friends that are having a good time at 311 South Church Street, Jonesboro.  Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas have an incredible amount of talent. Music, fine arts, visual arts, and writing, that is shared in a friendly atmosphere. TheArts@311 hosts these local professional and semi-professional artists for performances and exhibitions. There is a stage with equipment for music performance and the space is perfect for exhibitions of visual and fine arts. The stage can be cleared for theater and dance performances. The goal is to promote the artist,  That is what they do and what they did last night and we were there.

They had such a fantastic collection of individuals reading and telling stories and tales... truth or fiction?????  Why knows with tales told in the dark of night with a chill in the air?  I know it was so much fun for all.  Those who spoke, captured and enthralled all as they told their tales with passion and vividly presented stories with the audience hanging on every word.  You did not want to miss a moment.

There was one.... I can not say how well it was presented, but it was done by the author of a fictional short story she wrote and always enjoys telling..... me.  I had such fun but was nervous.  There is a difference in speaking to a group of friends or family and going up on the stage....lights are magically creating a scene and the microphone is ready.  They had the lights.  It was decorated with unique style, special effects bringing you all into a world of the unknown with tales to be told.  It was so perfect and when they said my name and introduced me, for a moment my heart skipped a beat.  It was time.  All eyes were watching and the room was silent.... the moment had arrived.

I chose a short story from one of my books that I especially enjoy.  When I started my back felt rigid with the tension and I hoped I could find courage to tell the story with the passion I had written in the words and not just read it.  I wanted to carry those who heard it to the time and place and let them share the adventure.  In moments I felt the tension ease as the story began to flow and I filled with the excitement of the moment.

I have shared many stories this time of the year to many groups of people.  One of those I especially enjoy, is reading the story of the Children's book The Pumpkin Field.  Last year I was dressed as a witch and had fun each and every time.

I read to the school children and received the greatest compliment I think an author can get for a children's book.  As I read the story, page after page, the children sat in utter silence listening to every word.  They did not fidget or whisper.  They watched and listened as the witch told the tale.  What bigger compliment could a person have than to share their words and have them received like that.

I have read in groups at parties and loved the excitement and comments the little story inspires as we talk for hours about what their thoughts, fears, ideas and stories of their own.  Reading at the Libraries is always a fun time. 

I have read for my grandson's class.  It felt wonderful to see him smiling as he told them "That's my Mamaw.  Seeing the children smile, laugh and ignite with excitement at the thought that they too can write stories and learn to do many things.  I have told them that grades are important but learning is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Last night I was so nervous but having such a good time with good people. Last night I was able to tell a tale and share one of my stories another time for another year.  I listened to others who amazed and entertained me and all of the others with not only the fascinating stories but vivid presentations.  The atmosphere was perfect in the event presented by Rev-Rick Bowen.  I wish I had been able to get pictures but we were having such a good time we got caught up in the moment having such fun.

I would love to see this painting I did enlarged as a wall size print.  I think it would make a wonderful Murial or background for a Halloween scene.  I used it on the cover of the book of short stories.

I hope you all have fun tonight and stay safe.  I hope the children have safe and happy times making memories of their childhood to last a lifetime.

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  1. Linda what a trully amazing lady you are. Happy Halloween hugs Fiona Elyssa and Rachel.