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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Faces of the Years

             We went to town the other day and I had to go in person to get the handicap hang tag for our vehicle. That may not sound too important, but to me it is. I simply can not get there from here in many circumstances. Physically I can not do it, or I risk putting a strain on my heart. We have driven the parking lot more than once and seen all of the place for handicapped filled. What is so disheartening is when you see one person in the vehicle and they jump out and virtually run or jog into the store. If you are there long enough, you will see them come back happily trotting along with their basket to load it in and leave. You are sitting there waiting because you can not get close enough to go in and get one of the ride along baskets. You are watching down the long row of cars and trucks. You sit there waiting because there was no space for you to use. There are worse things in life that can and will happen to you in life.
            We went to more than one place and I could not manage to get into and go shop. I sat and waited in the vehicle. While I sat there, many people came and went. Many faces on their way to what ever it was they had planned for the day, came past where I sat.
            There was a little old man who walked a bit stiff, but spry for his age that trudged into the store with determination. You could see it in his face. I bet he was an interesting person if you got to know him. Seeing the years in his face, I wondered what he would have looked like as a child? Would he have been filled with the same stance of confidence or would he have been shy? Was he the clown of the class or one you might now even notice?
          A little old lady strode my with a determined trot into the store. You can look at here now and see who and what she is as she exudes her confidence and determination. What was she years ago?
          You see another young woman with two small children getting them situated with one in the basket and the other near her side. They are beginning every day a journey, building their lives and the bonds between them, even with this little shopping trip. Who knows what those children will remember? They may remember the sunshiny day that they went shopping with their mom.
             I think if I look into a mirror I will see the face of a little old lady. I see the oxygen tubes and scares but I see more of me. I know more of me. I see a woman who is not dead yet. I see a woman who is trying to live every day as if it was special and no matter what it takes to survive that day, will not give up. What will I see in my own face? Can others ever look into my face and really know me? I know all of my past, but what shows in the face? Where did all of the years go? My children, friends and family all know me, but what about others? Am I just another old lady that has trouble walking? Am I just another person who really needs their handicapped parking?
            I guess so. But what of all the faces that reflect the past? Let us not forget that each person we know and meet was once young. They were once filled with hope and all of the feelings of youth. The faces of the past may reflect to faces of the future. Those who were once children of innocence, are now wrinkled and old, trudging ahead with determination formed from experiences through the years. Who knows what the future holds and those filled with the energy, hope, and determination of youth may find challenges in life to meet those qualities. One day they may look in a mirror and see a face formed by the years of life. Faces of the years. We all have them in one way or another. Let them be faces filled with hope and life. Let them be filled with determination to live life in everyday and every way the best that we can.

      I am determined.  I am not giving up.  I will have more writers meetings and do the public speaking engagements.  I have never given up on helping others with their dreams and projects but I will get out and about.  I have a hang tag for handicapped parking now if I have a space to use it.  I have already started a new novel.  I have so many ideas and stories going through my mine.  I can hardly wait to write them all.  Soon... Soon there will be so much more of life.  I want to visit friends, family, write and captures those special sights in pictures to add the words and share even more.

Faces of the years is one that I am and will be but one that is not done yet.  This is one face you will know is still living life.

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