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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Plan for Mother's Day

I am still going slow and at times not going at all, but every day is special and I am excited about today.  It is Mother's Day. My daughter has always made sure I felt special on this day and then she too became a mother and gave me a most wonderful gift any mother can get when she had her own son, my grandson. 

In a few hours we will get together and go pick flowers.  We could have bought a beautiful bouquet but these flowers can not be bought.  Every year for as long as I can remember my father would go pick iris from their flower beds and add in wild flowers of all kinds making delicate contrast in the bouquet.  They both love those flowers.  I have heard how when they were first married my great grandmother dug up bulbs to share from her own flower beds.  The little blue ones with the strongest sweetest scent are the ones and they still grow, bloom and slowly spread.  There are some from my grandmothers on both sides and there are those they picked out together.

They are both facing life threatening illness now.  These days have been so heartbreaking and difficult.  She is laying in a hospital bed now facing a surgical heart procedure tomorrow that has us all so worried.  We are all going to go visit and spend mother's day together at the hospital.  Her son, my brother is bringing pizza that she loves.  Daddy can not go pick her flowers for the first year as he too has had to live in an assisted living place and try to regain his own health as much as he can.  He will smile shortly.  They will both have their flowers.

We are going to get the iris and wildflowers and bring them to them along with their granddaughter and great grandson.  They have both been such a blessing and are always there for all of us.  Albert made sure I have the oxygen I need and we will soon be out picking flowers.

I want to wish everyone everywhere a happy Mother's Day.  In our lives, in our hearts, in our memories we hold mothers dear.  With each little flower I hold in my heart my own mother, daughter, grandmothers and great-grandmothers and wishes for all the others everywhere.

 I want to add in some photos of the flowers we picked today and took to my mother and father at the hospital. It was a wonderful day.

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