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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Goes On ...A Novel

There are some questions I am asked about the stories that I write I would like to discuss today. One such question is, “Where do I get the ideas for the stories and novels?”

As I think back and remember when I first started to write the novel Life Goes On, I was not thinking of writing at all. There were so many stories that tore at the heart that were not just stories, but revelations of the difficulties so many people were living through. I heard them on the news, in the newspapers, from friends and relatives and others you might run across. Almost everyone knew or had heard of some family who were about to loose their homes. So many people had lost their jobs or were about to face such a disastrous time in their lives.

You would hear the numbers or about this one here or there, but what happened to them after that? Where did they go? What did they do? How did they survive?

If a man got laid off or lost his job, it is more than his loss. His whole family would feel the strain. I could only imagine the emotions he would have. It would be a heavy burden and responsibility to know that the whole family and future of the family would be in your hands and you felt helpless.

I could almost picture such a man, and the story was begun. A family that had life figured out and felt comfortable in their routine watched in helpless anguish as their world disappeared. When John lost his job they lost their home and all that they knew in life. Children may be adaptable but that does not mean they will like it or go willingly into a new and unfamiliar world. The will to survive would be strong and as the old saying goes....Life Goes On.

The only place they could afford was in a bad part of town with problems they had never had to face before, let alone live with and adapt to. They made new friends and learned new ways. The respectful demeanor they may have once had, was gone with the anger they felt fueling their attitudes and behavior.

Teenage is never and easy time in life but it can become more complicated as the choices made may be ones with far reaching consequences. Some consequences can be life changing and others may even be life threatening for more than one person.

I wanted to write it so the reader could not only understand the characters and situations in the story but feel the emotions. One review I received was very honest at how disturbing it was being realistic enough with the disrespect and attitudes of the children she found it difficult. The rest of the review reveals she soon understood perfectly why it was written as it was. I am very proud of her 4 star review. I love all of the reviews on this book. When someone takes the time to be honest and share their opinion it is a gift.

Another question I am often asked always makes me smile. More times than I can count I am asked “Who are they really? I mean who are the real people? I could tell when I read it that they were not just made up fiction.”

If I am totally honest I have to say they really are 100% fiction. The circumstances could be ones suffered by many but the story is actually fiction.

Another question that usually follows is when will I write the next one? They want to know what happens next. I had not thought of it as a series to begin with but now I too want to see what will happen to them all. It will be awhile but it will one day be here. I have started a new novel and have a plan to do another children's book this summer with my grandson. I love his story ideas. We could actually do a whole series the way he is going but he agreed to let me do the art. I did the illustrations for The Pumpkin Field.

I titled the blog More Than Just A Story In A Book and that is exactly what I am trying to do with each of the stories and books. I want them to reach out beyond the pages and take on a life of their own where you can get to know them, see them, hear them and feel with them.

Since all of my covers are my own art I wanted to share this one that I used to make the book cover but also am using in a collection I am making of Art and Words combining my art and words inspired but it.


  1. Thank you, Linda. It's always interesting to read about where other authors find their inspiration. I never take my stories from real life - maybe I should? But my story is completely different to yours... I'd be happy to write a post for you here, if you like, to keep the thread going. Just let me know via my blog or you can contact me on No need to go through my publisher, I'd be happy to hear from you directly. Thanks again for sharing your experience, and keep writing!

  2. I would love to hear more from you. I think it is so interesting hearing from others and feel that I have so much to learn. Writing, for me is also growing as the stories develop and the books become the reality I can hold in my hand. I thank you and hope to read more soon.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I’ve nominated you for the sunshine award, it may be a chain thing but a friend nominated me so I’m passing it on. Details here