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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Times… Memories and Magic In The Songs


My husband, daughter, grandson and I went to hear some music last Friday. It was wonderful to be able to get out and have special times together, but it was even more than I had expected. We went to a place called the Plantation Park Music Theater in Jonesboro, Ar. It is so beautiful and such a pleasure to experience. The people are friendly and you feel welcome from the time you step up on the porch. The location is in the country and even the view is something to see.

I intend to go as often as I can and hope to learn more about it. There is such an atmosphere there with the people and the music that you feel at home and surrounded by friends. The people smile and greet one another warmly and visit before the show. The feeling of welcome is contagious as I found myself smiling and so glad we went.


That brings me to tell you about the show. What a show….wow. Lauren Gray was performing a benefit concert. From the moment she stepped out on the stage it was magic. The music was more than the notes or sounds from instrument and voice. The music was filled with emotion and enthusiasm. It carried the sounds of life and passion. Hearing, seeing and sharing the event was more than fun…it was memories in the making for all of us. The magnetism of these talented people flowed through the crowd as people of all ages listened in delight.


Lauren is absolutely amazing and when you put them all together they have magic. There is more than just music…there is heart, soul and music that has a life of its own making times to remember and enjoyed by all. You could more than see the connection of these talented people as the played and sang so many songs. You could feel it as the music reached out and you felt a part of it all. That is such a gift and these people are filled with such talent and passion for what they do that you feel as if you are watching a dream come true. To be able to create something that has such impact is a dream come true and more than the words of a song or notes played.

Lauren has such a passion and it shows in the beautiful connection on the stage, in the music, and in the overall expressions between her and those around her.


There was a time to meet and greet those who presented and performed such a delightful show.  Autographs were signed and many wanted to show theirs in unique ways.......

The whole evening was such a pleasure and I was so happy that we went. It reminded me of the dream and passion I have with my own desires to write. Working to do something special takes determination and work. It takes more than that. It takes heart to try to do the very best that you can and to create something that reaches into the depths of our hearts and soul. I hope that my books and things that I write and paint will reach out to others. I see the same passion in the talented performers and individuals that work and practice to give something of themselves in every performance.


A place to go and people to see and hear….. Sharing the songs of hearts and words from deep with in our souls. The desire to create.

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