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Friday, March 30, 2012

An Easter Gift

I have been enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and the flowers all around.  I have felt almost overwhelmed as I gazed at the mint green color of the new leaves forming on the trees that contrast against the darker green of the pines.  Overhead the sky had the deep blue with drifting puffs of clouds showing no threat of storms.

The sun streamed down through the trees creating patterns below.  The days have been so beautiful.  I see new life all around.  The flowers are blooming and the trees leaves are now vibrant in their new green.  Every day shows changes as we swiftly move toward summer.

New flowers, new leaves, new days and so many new things surround us.  This time of the year reminds me of many things.  It is a time of rebirth as the earth around me moves from the stark dormant looking stages of winter to the intensity of new flowers and plants springing forth around us.

As Easter draws near, I catch myself thinking back.  I remember so many Easters now that it almost makes me feel old.  I remember many things.  I ran across an old photo of me as a young child.  I was younger than my grandson.  I remember our children and now our grandchildren.  I remember. 

A memory in a photo of years ago....She is now a mother making memories with her own grandson.  Precious memories of precious people.  

 The picture I found of me at Easter is a distant memory. 

I look now at the little ones and see not the next generation but the generation after that.  My daughter smiles watching her son and they too are making memories.  We are sharing the moments and the world is fair.  I see the smiles and it makes me smile.  I look over at my parents and with the four generations laughing and feeling the emotions of the day....I smile. 

I think of what a blessing new can be.  Remembering back to wonderful times shared... warms the soul but thinking about now and tomorrow brings new hope for even more memories for the future. 

Not long ago I wrote telling about the special event with my new book.  I have to take the time to again mention and provide the links offering this freely to all.  I hope you will find it something that has meaning or that you can relate to.   I hope you will share with a friend or family member.  I hope if it helps or touches you, you will pass it on to another.  There are times that life can be so difficult, but it seems easier when we do not feel so alone.  I hope at this time of year, you each have someone special to share a wonderful time with….not just one day on a holiday but thinking of the many wonders around us and the life that we have this moment.  We may not know what the future holds but we can strive to appreciate and make the most of the time we have right now.

I wanted to share something special and from the heart.  I wanted to be able to create something that might reach out and touch others.  All I have to share is me.  That is what I have tried to do with the new book I WILL NOT GIVE UP…NOT TODAY…LIFE IS A JOURNEY.  In this book I tried to find words for things that had no words.  I tried to find a way to share thoughts, feelings, and times in my life.  I hope that by doing this there might be someone somewhere who finds hope.  I hope they will find the belief and know not to give up…not today.  I hope they find a way in the journey of life.  With this book I hope to have found a way to share things from times that were so difficult but have not ended my life.  They are just another part of the journey.

If you know of a person who has suffered injury and pain you know it can be so difficult to endure and still hope for the future.  If you or someone you know finds out or hears the words…cancer…operate…and a few other things, you really understand how impossible it might seem to think and strive for the future or learn to accept there are some things that we can not change.  If we can not change a thing, then what can we do?  I do not claim to have all of the answers for life but if I share honestly I hope it might help another to feel the hope enough to find what ever answers are right for them.  I hope you never give up.

Starting April 4th I will be sharing this book for free for three days.  It is my Easter gift.  It is my way to reach out.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and find joy and memories to last a lifetime.  I wish for you good things and peace.

My Easter gift is to offer this part of my heart and life for free for three days and hope that it might reach beyond the pages with the thoughts and details described to help others.  I hope that as each person reads the words they too feel they will not give up…not today and that they have a wonderful journey in their own lives ahead.  I hope the feel the wonder of a new day and hope for the future.

April 4 through April 6 the book   I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey  will be    FREE
                                    Ebook  US    
                                    Ebook  UK

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