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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What A Journey as Life Goes On

An Adventure from the first novel to a never ending journey.....

I have been working with the things that I write and the books now for almost a year and a half.  That may not sound like a long time, but considering when I started we did not know what the future would hold with the surgery and cancer, it is and has been an amazing journey.
I started out and published Life Goes On First.  I had to choose one book as I understood it may be my only chance to see and hold in my hand a real life dream of seeing it take form.  I did not give up.  I lived through the surgery and am living each and every day to the best of my ability.  I do not take life for granted.  We never know what the future will hold, but I do know that I will not waste my days in worry about the past or wishing away the future.  I want to live and do and be.

I chose that book for several reasons.  I love the story but also hope it might be one that would have special meaning.  So many are having such difficult times right now.  When you have a family there will always be challenges and choices.  We meet these things in different ways and do not always make the right choices.  We may fail to realize that there are consequences that are often far reaching, even to those we love.

This family found life spiraling out of control as they went from something they had known and enjoyed to the father loosing his job, they lost their home and had to move to a bad part of the city.  With that move there were many other changes including the friends and influence of peer pressure and the community.  When they were evicted from that apartment their choices were few.  They could relocate and live with a distant relative in another part of the country or be  homeless.

The story shares the lives and people in a difficult situation filled with problems, trials, and temptations.  How they handled those things and the choices they made would have far reaching results.  One thing they might learn is what family is.  If they would find ways to survive it would not be easy.  To move from north to south, and city to country, leave friends and all things familiar behind was no easy task for any of them.

I tried to write this story in a way so the reader would know the characters.  They could see the places and be there with them.  I wanted it to be somethings special.  I even chose a photo I had taken over 20  years ago and designed a cover with the picture going all the way around the book.  We had been traveling and the suset was so spectacular it blazed across the sky.  We stopped and took the pictures.  Seeing the car lights as others traveled too and fro made me think it would be perfect for the story as the family would have traveled to their new life.

This is the first review of Life Goes On
5.0 out of 5 stars Nance's 1st Novel Great Contemporary "Little House on the Prairie!"
Glenda A Bixler "Glenda" (Pennsylvania) -
This review is from: Life Goes On (Paperback)
Suspense, intrigue and family highlights Linda Nance's debut novel as a contemporary `Little House on the Prairie' novel of love, devotion, and inspiration. I was so pleased to meet Linda at my Facebook Reader's Roundup group and learn of her books. But I was honored to know here as a first-time author when I had the chance to read her first novel, Life Goes On.

John and Becky were caught in a financial situation that was one they could not handle themselves. John knew he would not find another job in the city and that he had to do something dramatic--his answer was to turn to a relative--Uncle James, who lived in Arkansas. Becky was shocked to consider not only leaving the city, but to move to the country, and in Arkansas! John explained that he had already talked to Uncle James who had suggested he might find work at a local factory.

Just when Becky was beginning to consider the idea,Donna, Bobby and Stacy came home from school. Neither John nor Becky were surprised at their responses. But this time, John had planned ahead--he had already made the necessary decisions and the family were soon on their way! John knew he had not fully provided the guidance of a father to his family, but now with Uncle James' help, he was firm that he was going to make up for the past

Soon everybody was adjusting, but the children felt they had been given no choice. Donna called her boyfriend often, Bobby soon was finding that he could find like-minded peers here as well as in the city--those that drank and did drugs. But what they now had was a father who had made up his mind to be more firm and an Uncle who was quite willing to help! They soon had Bobby working with them--at least when he didn't sneak off...

Becky had taken a job at a motel and soon began to see that there was just as many problems with co-workers and strange, potentially dangerous activities there as they had been worried about in the city. But when they discovered that Bobby could very well be right in the middle, the family had to pull together even closer. Even then, death reached out to Bobby and Uncle James who was there to save him!

Nance has the heartwarming storytelling skills of the creator of The Little House on the Prairie, sharing family love, fortitude, and forgiveness, but adds a contemporary setting where it is no longer safe to have children out with friends where drinking, drugs and sex reach them. Life Goes On reaches out to parents in today's world and shares that hope that still is available when family love is strong and caring. Highly recommended for parents as well as young teenagers who just "don't get their parents!" Linda speaks for many of us who hold on to family values as the way to meet the future!

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Facebook Reviewers Roundup


Another Review I had to share is from Fran Lewis

I am the author of three children's books and have written a fourth one. I would like everyone to check out my books Bertha Speaks Out and My Name is Bertha on Barnes and Noble. GoodReads. Bertha FIghts Back is my third book in my Bertha series & on B&N. My other three books are Bertha Fights Back, Memories are Precious and Sharp as A Tack or Scrambled Eggs which describes Your Brain. I am an educator, book reviewer, talk show host on blog talk radio, online interviewer and author. My next book is a three in one handbook on Caregiving/Volunteering, Traumatic Brain Injury and Eldercare abuse.

I am an educator, writer, author, book reviewer and favorite aunt, sister and more. I am the vice president in charge of cemetery affairs for my family and their family circle secretary. I am a reading and writing specialist.I review books for authors all over the world. I host two radio shows on blog talk radio/red river writers for adult and children's authors and I am the author of five books and soon to complete number six.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Life Goes On
By Linda Nance

Life does not always go according to plan. There are many bumps, slides, and mishaps along the way. Everyone’s life is different and even when you are part of a family and might have your own master plan for your future and success, things might not turn out the way you planned. Like an architect who creates a blueprint for his next structure and something goes wrong with the foundation, life can send you some serious structural damage and the foundation of what you have created can crumble if you are not careful. John and Becky have a serious problem their lives are about to change and their family dynamics too as they are forced to change their lifestyle and leave the city to live in rural Arkansas with family they hardly know. But, that is not the only obstacle they face. Their three recalcitrant children find it difficult to want to leave their friends, jobs and school and provide little or no support for their distraught parents as they travel to Arkansas and learn the true meaning of the word Life and much more.

As they move to Arkansas and the children begin to assimilate in the culture, the area and their new home Bobby, Donna, Stacy and both Becky and John will learn some really hard lessons in life that just might bring them together. Donna and Bobby are bent on returning to their old life and old ways. Bobby was involved in gangs, drugs and was becoming anything but what a parent would want for a son. Donna overly involved with a boy named Keith and Stacy who just wants to be like her older sister. This could be on formula for disaster. But, Uncle James is a really smart and savvy guy who tolerates nothing and takes no prisoners. When things get rough he takes both Bobby and Stacy for a long ride to talk, see the country and get to know and understand them better. Two parents who want the best for their children yet condemned for it.

As the children assimilate in their new environment things begin to change as Donna learns the truth about her boyfriend’s disloyalty and harsh words befall her, Stacy takes on the role of protective sister and Bobby begins to meet friends, work and attitudes turn around. But, Becky’s job turns dangerous, the police become involved and second thoughts about what she does need to be considered. But, Becky is hard working and caring helping her coworkers and a real asset to the owners of the motel who really do not appreciate her dedication and never really take heed of what is happening behind closed doors in their motel.

Families change and situations need to be dealt with as some are torn and in turmoil as one child needs attention, another in crisis and a third guidance as they all live in one house but in their own separate worlds trying to survive and some just to exist. As Donna bears her soul to her parents and Stacey proves she is wise beyond her years, Bobby strays in the wrong direction and hopefully a strong hand will guide him back.

As Becky’s job takes a dangerous turn and she the truth about some of the patrons of the motel where she works, she begins to question their ethics, business practices and enlists the help of some officers to help her. But, Bobby’s new friends in Arkansas seem as seedy and corrupt as those left behind in St. Louis and his behavior comes full circle turning back in the same direction from where he came and soon realizing that his actions and those of his friends could affect his mother’s safety. Just how you will have to read for yourself.

With their new home being fixed up and the anticipation of finally setting down permanent roots, the family faces some serious challenges that will either divide them forever or unite them.

Life Goes On is a narrative told by Becky, the mother who is town between the inner turmoil she faces within herself and the problems dealing with her family. True to life bringing to light many real life issues faced by families today, author Linda Nance takes the reader on a journey with many ups and downs, smiles, laughs and tears with a family that just wants to find somewhere to live.

Some kids will do anything to be accepted and have friends that they feel will back them up and protect them. Some are too na├»ve to realize that those same friends will think nothing of turning on you to suit their needs. Bobby learns a hard lesson when his old world meets his new one and things take a downward spiral turn. Friendships can link you together with others and create positive situations but in Bobby’s case this does not hold true as he becomes embroiled in major drug deal, tries to wrangle out of it, he endangers the life of himself and someone dear to him and things will never quite be the same again. Lessons will be learned and hard choices will have to be made as Bobby will come face to face with his past, his future, his families disappointment and their love.

But, the twists and turns at the end will surprise the reader and renew your faith in family, love, understanding and trust. One young man learns a lesson of a lifetime and one family understands the true meaning of the words Life Goes On. Never give up on yourself, be who you are and never give in to the wants of others because you are afraid. How do you teach children values and when do they finally realize that parents do know best and that they have their best interest at heart? This is a well written novel with real life characters for adults, young adults, teens, church groups and youth groups to read and discuss as start for kids to understand that parents are their best friends in the world and communication is the link to everything.

Life Goes On authored by my friend Linda Nance is an inspirational novel written by a woman of great courage, warmth and love for her friends and family. So, meet Becky, John, Donna, Stacey and Uncle James and understand what a real family goes through to survive. As John learns how to forgive and Becky will always protect the lines of communication need to stay open and Bobby, Donna and Stacey will learn that life in the country is not so different from that of the city it’s what you make of it that counts. Great novel, characters that are real, true to life and heartwarming, read Life Goes On by Linda Nance and learn the true meaning of Family.

I am honored that Linda asked me to review her book.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Since that first novel I have created and published the novel Journey Home, the children's book I wrote and illustrated, The Pumpkin Field...a non fiction book about my life and more called I Will Not Give Up...Not Today...Life Is A Journey.  I also have a smaller book of 4 short stories called A Tale To Tell.  All of these books that are in ebook form are found on Amazon along with the paperback versions that are available.  I want to be able to tell you little facts and info about all of the books and the projects and more.  This really is an adventure and I am glad to have you share it with me.

I have had so much help and inspiration from so many.  One such person is Pat Bertram.  Her unique gift in writing will entertain, delight and inspire in many different ways in her books and blogs.  She takes the time to help others and is such a creative and deeply heart felt person I am delighted to be able to share with you tomorrow some interesting facts and a time to get to know her even better.  You will not want to miss the interview.

See you all tomorrow and I hope that you have a wonderful night.

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