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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

J.P. Lane and The Tangled Web

J.P. Lane is many things.  She is also an author of an amazing new novel, friend, and member of our writer’s group.  There may be many miles between us but there is a passion for writing and a friendship that reaches beyond the miles allowing this wonderful woman to share so many things.  This is a chance to get to know her and find out the news of the Tangled Web.
Linda Nance I notice your bio says you were born and raised in Jamaica, but you don’t have much of a Jamaican accent.
J.P. Lane Think my accent is a bit mixed up because I’ve lived outside of Jamaica more than half my life. Though I wasn’t just born and raised in Jamaica. I didn’t leave Jamaica until the year I turned thirty, so a decade of my adult years were spent there.
Linda Nance Can you speak the Jamaican dialect in that chapter of The Tangled Web where the detective stumbles upon the missing clue?
J.P. Lane Not very well, I confess. I write it better than I speak it.
Linda Nance Your book whizzes all over the world – London, Prague, New York, Colombia, and of course the Caribbean where most of the story takes place. You’ve lived in several countries. Is the book a reflection of your experiences?
J.P. Lane I think all fiction is, to some extent, a reflection of the author’s experiences. I’ve lived in, or visited, all the countries in The Tangled Web except Colombia, which I had to research. I never did find as much information as I would like to have had on Cali, which played a major role in the book.
Linda Nance Your female protagonist Lauren Anderson is a journalist and you wrote for The Miami Herald. Is Lauren based on you?
J.P. Lane Not at all. I’m nothing like Lauren. Besides, Lauren is an investigative reporter. I was a marketing writer for The Miami Herald. But as a newspaper marketing writer you have an intimate relationship with the newsroom, so I’m as familiar with a newsroom as Lauren would be. I would say the only thing Lauren and I have in common is a passionate love for Jamaica.
Linda Nance But you never mention Jamaica in the book. You always refer to the island as “the island.”
J.P. Lane That’s because The Tangled Web could be the story of any Latin American or Caribbean country. Cocaine transshipment on a massive scale is a problem that’s endemic to the region.
Linda Nance Aside from giving readers a glimpse of how the powerful and wealthy elite of the islands live, The Tangled Web blows away the image most people have of the Caribbean. To quote a review on your website, “under its post-card facade there can lurk a horrifyingly corrupt underworld.”
J.P. Lane There’s always a dark side, isn’t there? It just stands out more when contrasted against extreme beauty. That’s why all the antagonists in The Tangled Web are drop-dead good looking people.
Linda Nance The Tangled Web has a romance weaving through it. Would you say the book has male appeal or female appeal?
J.P. Lane Both, I think. It’s got guns and kisses.                                   
Linda Nance The Tangled Web is a very entertaining read. You must have had fun writing it.
J.P. Lane Oh yes, I had a lot of fun writing The Tangled Web. I enjoyed it so much I was a bit disappointed when it ended.
Linda Nance Your plot is amazingly complex – layers of sub plots within sub plots that keep you turning the pages to find out how it will all unravel. Yet in the end there’s still a big question mark. Are you writing a sequel?
J.P. Lane Readers have said they would like to see a sequel, but to tell you the truth, I got sidetracked by this historical novel that flew into my mind out of nowhere. But I’m thinking of setting it aside because the final chapter of The Tangled Web does leave the door wide open to a sequel.
Linda Nance I can hardly wait for all there will be to come and want to remind everyone not to miss the special two days the Tankgled Web will be offered free on May 11 and 12.

I have enjoyed our visits and especially this interview.  I thank you for sharing so many interesting things about you and the book.  The Tangled Web is a novel not to be missed and it will be remembered.  You have accomplished something special and I hope to read a sequel too.
J.P. Lane It was a pleasure, Linda. Thanks for the opportunity!
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  1. Linda, Thank you for such a lovely interview with the always lovely J.P. Lane. I know all her fans will enjoy learning a little bit more about her.

    1. Thanks PC. Best of luck with yours! Having read two of your books, will definitely be getting it.

  2. it was pleasing to read of your endeavors, wish the best of everything

    1. That's very kind of you, Robert. Thanks so much!

  3. Lovely interview. I always admire writers who keep those layers of subplots running through the pages.

    1. Thanks Sheila. And I have huge admiration for fantasy writers.

  4. Hey Girlfriends! Enjoyed the interview! I think your comment, J.P. about being sorry that you finished writing the book is cool...but a baby does have to be born, doesn't it! LOL

    Hey, you referred to getting a free copy but didn't say how/where, or did I miss it?

    1. Hey Glenda! Yes, a baby does have to be born and kids leave home (:

  5. I enjoyed the interview I would love a free copy .

    1. Thanks, Mary. Linda has a knack at making people comfortable, so it was fun. Hope you grabbed the book while it was free.