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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why Do I Write?

There are many reasons we write.  There are times for a job or some special occasion that we have to write something.  There may be a class assignment.  There are times we want to share a special thought or message to a friend.  There are also times we write because we have to.  We feel a need that is more than a desire and the words scream to be freed.

There may be a story that takes shape or even the wisp of an idea of a story that can not be ignored….  And the story or book begins. 

When I wrote the first novel it started with the idea of helping my daughter to find a way to write a short story.  She and my husband became so excited exclaiming that I should write my own short story….so I did but it did not stop until it was over 550 pages.  After much work and editing and many other things it finally became Journey Home.

When I wrote my second novel I had been thinking about how difficult it is at this time with so many out of work, high prices and all there is to contend with to survive.  Gas prices go up and more and more we hear of people even loosing their homes.  What happens to them?  Where do they go?  What do they do?  What if it was me, or you, or…..  What if? 

I thought of the problems we have as we grow up.  There are problems in relationships.  There are difficulties when we try to determine what is best with our children.  Changes in life can be so difficult no matter who we are or what the age.

That is when I knew I wanted to write a story that would have all of that and more.  I wanted it to be so interesting you might want to know what happened then.  I have been so delighted when so many people that have read the book want to know ….what next?  What happened to them then?  I will write more.  Now that we know them we can share their lives and adventures.  Life Goes On is the name of the book and it will go on…soon.

When I wrote the children’s book I have to say that it was near and dear to my heart and so many others through the years.  It started as a poem.  I believe that we should teach and learn all through our lives to the best of our abilities.  Our boys came in one day from school and told me that poetry is awful.  I had to laugh.  They were at that age.  I explained that poetry could tell a story.

“Sure, a love story…yuck.”
Most children love a spooky story so I decide to write a poem…that tells a story…of a haunted pumpkin field.  We have had so much fun with it through the years with…our children, grandchildren, neighboring children, friends, relatives, nieces and nephews, cousins, children in local schools and even at one of the state parks.

 Many adults find more meaning to the little book than the children.  One even told me it was like a secret code that each understood in their own way and own age.  I wanted it to me more than just a story in a book. 

When you talk about the dark of night you can help a child overcome their fear of the dark by showing that even in darkness there is light as you point out the beauty of a full moon or stars above.  You can help them to realize that in the darkness there are the same things as in the light.  We have to look and try to see good things and overcome the fear to succeed.

As an adult or young adult reads the same thing they may come to share thoughts of how dark there are in some times of their life.  How difficult in those dark times it is to find the light or know what way to turn.  There are times they feel lost.

I wanted the whole book to be one that can do more than tell a story.

I made posters to help the characters come to life.  They showed that and even wrote about it in one of the newspapers.  When I decided to make it into a book there was so much more to it.  I wanted each and every page to be one of my art works and that is what I did.  I wanted to bring the characters to life in word and sight.

A Tale To Tell is a collection of my short stories that I hope are very entertaining but more too.  In these little stories there are many things.  As we grow older we may forget what peer pressure is like in school.  In the story The Midnight Hour one boy learns that and that you might want to think about doing something you know is wrong especially in a haunted cemetery at …the midnight hour.  There are other things that might come to mind as we contemplate things such as the pressure a person might feel trying to do a be more in life.  I tried to do many things but above all I hope to have written stories you will enjoy and want to share with others.

That brings me to the book that is going to be free for three days.  I would love to promote the book.  I would love to be able to tell the world about this little book.  I want more than that.  I am not sure there are words for what is in my heart.  I thought it impossible to find words to share the things that I did in the book….but I did my best.
I did not write it to entertain.  I wrote it to share...something more than the words you read.  I wrote this to share me with others and the hope that no matter what...we do not give up...not today. I wrote this and want to give it freely wishing you find meaning and hope.

I had never intended to write any nonfiction let alone about me.  I felt the desire to write and share this not for me but to reach out….to?...who ever I can.  I tried to find words that could actually share these moments, feelings, and emotions and as I did there were times that I cried.  It was not that I could not remember.  I remember all too well.  It was real and as I tried to find words it was real again….and I cried.

Now I do not cry with tears or regret or sorrow.  I am filled with emotion and know as difficult and painful as life can be there are so many wonderful things we could miss if we give up or forget to look for the beauty and life.

My Easter gift is to offer this part of my heart and life for free for three days and hope that it might reach beyond the pages with the thoughts and details described to help others.  I hope that as each person reads the words they too feel they will not give up…not today… and that they have a wonderful journey in their own lives ahead. I hope they feel the wonder of a new day and hope for the future.   
I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey
                                    Ebook  US     
                                    Ebook  UK

When I worked to make what I had written into books I continued with the idea of watching and working to make my dreams come true.  I wanted even the covers to be something special from me.  I did my own covers.  I can share my love of art too.  I used one of my photos and one pastel art work.  The others are my paintings.  I can share my paintings with my books and hope you enjoy.

Why do I write?  I guess it is my voice and I want to sing out another story, book, something special…..I write because it is me.  I write because I could not do otherwise. 

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