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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


            You may hold and see and think this is a Play Doh rose.  Have you looked?  Have you really looked?  You may see the craftsmanship it took to create it and think it is, or is not so good.  If that is what you see and feel as you hold it in your hand---then I give up and it really is just a Play Doh rose. 
            A year from now or five or ten, you may someday (if it is really well preserved.  Play Doh really is child’s play clay) look again.  It really is just Play Doh because, where is the child in us all?  Where did the joy and enthusiasm go at seeing a flower bloom?  I know porcelain, but Play Doh makes me feel.
            Winter can be long and cold and hard.  It can be dreary in winter and then a single flower blooms, or was it the only flower we took the time to see?  It is a flower, a bloom of many petals, each crafted and sculpted to form not only the sight of a flower, but a feeling.
            We all need a feeling of hope and rebirth and the beauty and simple times in life.  If passed from one to another, what greater gift could one give than heart, soul, feeling and love that was crafted in each and every single petal to pass along a good thought, loving care and a good feeling?
It’s a good feeling.
May God Bless and keep you and let you feel peace.
Linda Nance

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