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Monday, January 16, 2012

New year, new day and a new book on the way…..

New year, new day and a new book on the way…..
By Linda Nance

It is a new year with new projects to do and new ideas to try.  There are so many resolutions I wish that I could make, but do not want to fail in accomplishing what I set out to complete.  I do not refrain from setting goals and things I want to accomplish and one of those is to turn another story I have written into a novel…a book…an eBook. 

You Can Call Me Danny is well on its way.  I will soon be working on the cover for it.  I have no idea what it will be but will share it an more soon.  Right now I want to share what the book will be… it is…..


            A young child trapped in a nightmare life had a special friend.  His friend told him, that he could call him Danny.  Danny was his only friend.  No one but Steven could see or hear Danny.  Was Danny a friendly ghost there protecting, or was there more to this entity than anyone might suspect?  Steven began to think Danny might be a Guardian Angel but angel or evil…only time would tell….. because Steven would tell no one and betray his friend and that friend was there to stay.
          Steven eventually made two new friends at school who shared so much in their disturbed and distraught family lives.  They were about to share more as things began to occur beyond their control.
           Sneaking through the darkness of night, Steven went to his friend Jimmy’s house.  The drama that occurred at Jimmy’s house was mild compared to the conclusion of the activities he had left behind.
          Tragedy and chaos, murder and an end to life as Steven had known, erupted in his household in the dark of night. 
           They found themselves speeding down the highway with a man of questionable character as they left a life behind that felt like a nightmare with no hope.  Where they would go was a question only the future and life could answer.  The real life nightmare they left was more than they could imagine as the night of changes swiftly developed in all directions. 

         Three young boys fled in the night.  It was a night that would change their lives forever.  If it was a new beginning or a new nightmare of a different kind, only time would tell….and we can not forget Danny.  He would not want to be left behind.  “You can call me Danny.”

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