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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Goes On And So Am I…I Am Not Giving Up…Did Not And Will Not

The new E-Book is here for $2.99.  Half of me is so excited I could not sleep.  The other half is apprehensive.  This book is not fiction.  If I write fiction then a person may or may not like it, but it is not fiction and I will be writing more.  This is real.  This is me.  I never considered writing anything close to this.  This book really is a part of me that I share ..

If it makes a difference for even one person…then it is worth it all.  Thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging.  Thank you for caring and sharing thoughts and words to help me in difficult times and inspire me in life.  Thank you all.

I shared many things about me & my life..  what I felt, thought and more.  I share these things not saying all should think as I do…I share them and hope what ever life throws your way, you will not give up…not today…

I hope the journey you take in life is one that brings you to a place filled with hope, peace, love and happiness.  Join me in and on my journey for as long as I have in this life as I share so much in this first of what could be many more to come.

Accident, injury, pain, illness, and hope, determination, inspiration, dreams, love, life, and more.  Cancer and I am still here.  How does it feel when you look in a mirror & what looks back is hideous, or they say cancer?  Is there a tomorrow? How can we live through today?  What then?
I tried to find the words and write this honestly about many things.  There are times that I am filled with self doubts and feel so lost and alone.  Some days I can look out the window and see the sunshine streaming through the leaves of the trees and know that there are flowers blooming out there, but there is no way that I can get to the flowers to see their beauty or smell the delicate perfume they bless the world with.  There are times that even if I see all of that and more I can not feel the warmth of the sun or the hope of the new day.  Those are the times I have to get tough and remember…I will not give up…Not today.  If we think of all our problems in life, it would take the life right out of us.  What can I do now?  What can I really see when I look around? 

I never dreamed of writing a non fiction book.  It is like turning yourself inside out and letting the world in.  The world if filled with wonderful people but there are others who are not so kind there too.  We have to be realistic to survive and can not live in a dream world.  We can do it….BUT…it will not always be easy….that is for sure.  Why then, did I write this?  I feel I am at the mercy of every reader to receiving almost any reaction….Why did I take such a risk and write it?  I do not really know.  That is honest.  I felt compelled to share these things and in doing so, hope it could make a difference for another. 

I talk about hope and dreams and never giving up.  There are many who face a life filled with depression and despair.  Some do not realize that depression is real and it can kill a person.  I not only blinds them to joy, hope and happiness but steals away the strength to overcome and go on and live life instead of just being alive.  It eats away at a person bit by bit.

I have felt those feelings and at times still do.  I hurt every day in many ways.  I will never get “well” and am dieing a little each day…but…. We are doing that from the day we are born.  Who knows what the future holds.  I am a tough old lady and may live for many many years.  What I want to do is be alive while I am here and make every day count.

With the first Novel I published I had to decide what of the things I had written it would be.  I did not have time.  I had many health problems and they found cancer that had spread.  We had our doubts if I would even wake up.  It was growing quickly in bad locations.  Every day counted if it got in... instead of right next to the lymph system.  I was not even strong enough for them to do the surgery at first….I wanted to see at least part of my dream come true and hold it in my hands.  I wanted something to leave behind for others and my children and grandchildren to remember…that was my mom…or grandma and hopefully remember so much more.

I chose Life Goes On for a reason.  In LIFE GOES ON The Family of five found themselves in crisis as they were evicted from their apartment after the father lost his job. With great trepidation they accepted help from a relative that offered them a place to live and new start in life. They had no choices except seeing their family homeless in a rough part of the city. It was not an easy adjustment for any of them as they experienced moments that would test their sense of humor and times that would test their strength of character. There were some difficult issues they would have to face and how they responded could have life altering consequences. Learning what family can mean was a lesson each person learned in their own way. This is a story of people and a place they would work to make their home. It is struggle, heart, moments of triumph and times of despair. It is a story that speaks to many of us in different ways as the characters struggle with life. They had weathered the difficult transition of the relocation and would face new challenges as life goes on for them all. Life Goes On is a dramatic story worth reading and remembering.

This is how it started. 
As I worked to make what I had written into a book it was no easy task.  I knew hardly anything about the internet or computers but CreagteSpace worked with me and together it became real.

It was a little over 14 months ago they did the surgery removing the whole upper lobe of the lung.  Now that hurt.  I still did not know if I had a future or how long it would be.  I say to never give up but that was a time I had to practice what I preached or lay down and die.  The oxygen was a lifeline and kept me alive.  (Still does and always will)  I have to admit as time goes on I often feel it is a leash and I its captive.  We have no insurance so when the little bottles run out you buy more or stay home connected to the machine.  They have these amazing little things that generate oxygen portably for travel, but the cost is more than I can consider.  So I can sit and get depressed looking out the window at sunshine in the world outside or…..find a different way to still be alive and live and do more than just sit here.

My left foot is crippled and my spine a mess, so I am not going to be getting to athletic.  Even my hands have problems from the injuries in an accident long ago..and old age arthritis.  I can only sit here in this position for short periods of time or I collect fluids and that is a big problem and muscle spasms in the back…so….I do a little here and do a little there and lay down…sit up…move and rest.  What ever it takes is the way I live each day ...but I want to really live.  I will not give up…not today.

That is everyday but right after the surgery was….more than words.  I decided I did not need to sit and wait so I started to find a way to publish the second novel Journey Home.  I love that book.  It is the first novel I ever wrote but I wanted to publish Life Goes On hoping it might not only entertain but help others to not feel alone as they face problems and challenges in life and with family.

This is a bit about Journey Home…
Lara Stanley’s life is about to drastically change as she embarks on her journey home after the death of her uncle.  Join in the journey with mystery, suspense, adventure, romance, drama and a story to remember.
Linda Nance is the author of novels, Life Goes On and Journey Home.  She is a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, neighbor, Grandmother and now author.  She loves to write, art, crafts, but most of all the love and good times of family and fiends.  These books are a part of her dreams and she will never give up.  Dreams really can come true if we work hard and believe.

Advance praise for Journey Home
Even from the grave, love comes to make sure the Journey Home is safe and fulfilling—excellent suspense keeps pages turning ‘til the end! --GABixlerReviews

Linda Nance awakens the reader’s understanding of what greed, hate, revenge and deceit really mean. –Fran Lewis Reviews

I had a story that I loved but needed a cover.  I had done the cover for Life Goes On from a photo I had taken many years ago.  The book was fiction but if it had been real they might have traveled on  a road like that one on the way to their new life.  I did it so it wrapped all the way around the book.  When you hold the book in your hands I hope you see and feel what I did when I gazed at the sunset that seemed to blaze across the whole sky.

I wanted to do a painting for Journey Home and share things as it went on the fan page I had set up on FaceBook.  I started painting and painted many pictures.  I posted some of them as I went along.  One even had the waves turbulent in the ocean..(There is no ocean in the story but I was having fun painting)  With the way my health was and is, I did not want to wait but I wanted to be able to share what was real and reach out.  I did not want to sit here alone and die.  To anyone else out there with problems I wanted them to know they are not alone and we can do it….we can if we don’t give up.

I thought and thought about all of the paintings…then chose one I had done years before on a piece of typing paper with a 99 cent tray of children’s paints for my father in law before he passed.  I wanted to share my painting, art and stories.  With every book a person has an exact print of one of my pieces of art or paintings.

It took a lot of work but it too be came a real book.  I was going to write a lot more and tell about the e-books….that was an adventure for someone like me who it not tech savy at all and the Children’s book I wrote and illustrated.  Oh, how I love that book….but I have got up and down and it is time to stop for now.

I will be back.  I will write another day or maybe write another book …volume 2…of…I Will Not Give Up…Not Today….???????? 
But I have done all I can for now…..
From the time they started to schedule the surgery for cancer a little over a year ago….this is it so far.  This is what I am doing and will and intend to do so much more.  Life is not over.  It is only beginning and every day is special.

There are more links especially CreateSpace that I will try to add.  There are many sites on the internet and you can even get my books at your local bookstores.  They often do not carry new authors so you may have to ask them to order it for you or from Amazon and have it delivered to your door or computer or what ever you read kindle ebooks with.  However you get them, I hope you enjoy them.  I hope they are things that you will remember.  I thank you for sharing my journey.

Life Goes On  $12.99

(Kindle)   $4.95

Journey Home $16.95

The Pumpkin Field   $10.95

I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey
Kindle       $2.99

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