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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Writer’s Group…Each one is special…. Donna Watkins writes….and she has only just begun….

Kidz Gone to Potz   What is this?????

I wanted to take the time and offer another special blog.  I have told some time back about the writers group here.  I wanted it to be people who help one another.  I can not wait any longer before I start sharing some of the exciting news of those who feel this bond and have been working to do special things and create each in their own ways.  

We had so much fun...but we always have a good time with good friends.  We met some wonderful people this day.

Every one of these people near and far have helped me so much.  I say near and far because there are those that live many miles away but their hearts are right here and we are right there…..this writer’s group is people helping people.  I would like to write about all of them and all of their projects but have to do it a little at a time.  This time I want to ….have to share about this children’s book.  I think it is so much more than one might assume…until they read and try it and see the results.

I have always loved a garden and to see the seedlings sprouting, then growing, blooming and to taste a fresh tomato or cucumber I helped grow.  I remember my father handing me a strawberry freshly picked and sweet with a drop of dew on it.  There are so many memories.  I remember hearing things in school or science class and remembering I saw that…I did that.  I had learned that and never even realized that a father in his garden was sharing lessons learned and to learn… but also life….and so many memories.

I saw this and there is so much more to this book than a science lesson or instructions for things to do.  This book is the door to open the mind, imaginations and so much more.  This is a way to make memories and gardens.  I love the idea of finding things we can do with the children that can share with another generation more than a plant in a pot.  I do understand it is a high tech world and my little grandson often teaches me things I never knew on the computer…He is 7 now.  These are things in this book that we can do together and the thrill of watching and working with it as time passes and it becomes real is something that shines in his eyes.  This little book makes such a wonderful gift in giving and using.  What is it….it is so much more than words.

Kids are no different than adults when it comes to finding joy in watching things grow.  A child can see such wonder in the mysterious magic of life in all things, especially a little seed or plant they had a hand in growing.   Gardening with your child, however small the project, teaches them skills that will last a lifetime, as well as provides outdoor entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.   It offers an opportunity to not only learn and do something special together but also to enjoy the bounty the project grew and share it together.

Kidz Gone to Potz is mostly about Container Gardening, as the title implies, however, it also covers Raised Bed Gardening, and Conventional Yard Gardening as well. This book is full of learning opportunities presented in fun ways to capture a child's interest.

Kids learn about horticulture, ecology, weather patterns, moon phases, pollination, natural pest control, companion plants, as well as experiencing education opportunities in the areas of Math, Science, Literacy, Health, Social Studies, History, and, Environmental Stewardship.  This is an opportunity to learn and teach in doing and having fun.  We learn twice as much when seeing and doing and experiencing the event as we do by just hearing or reading about it.  This is the chance to make not only a garden even if it is one plant … but also to plant the seeds for the memories that carry on from one generation to another. 

Worm Farming and Funny Food Faces round out this whimsical guide to outdoor fun. Fun easy recipes are included for the foods that have been grown. From The Grow Pot to The Cook Pot - this book has it all! What a great idea!  I love this book not only for the wonderful way it is presented and the fun and knowledge it offers but for the opportunity to share it with my grandchildren and they with theirs. 

In such a fast paced world it is unique when we find ways to capture the interest and take the time to see a little flower bloom or a plant as it reaches up to the sunshine and bursts forth with new green leaves after a spring rain.  The bite of a ripe piece of fruit or vegetable that started with a little plant or seed is a wonder and a pleasure.

The presentation and content in this book is outstanding and I believe it is something that can be so much more than just a book…

I want to take the time to tell how much it means to me and recommend it as something special to have, use, share or give to others.  The interest in all who have read it was immediate and the time is now.


Donna is one of  a kind and it is the very best and friend and more.

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