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Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Goes On Changing Times Part 3

As we continue to look at the characters of Life Goes On, We can feel the fear, confusion and apprehension as the time to make the changes there seemed to have no way to avoid, approached.  Every parent wants that warm bond and connection with their children but John and Becky were soon to realize that they could not be both friend and parent.  They would need to be a family and work together to stay strong and survive.  They felt they had lost their children little at a time and the family was something to dream about and think of in another life.  The life they had left of security with employment and prosperity seemed more of a dream than a memory as they watched their children drifting farther and farther away. 

They instinctively knew there would be no way to talk and convince the children that to move away from all they knew was a good thing.  They feared they would refuse to go and possibly run away to avoid compliance with the plan.  The language and actions of the two oldest children had become so brash and offensive at times they felt as if they did not know these two young people at all.

Children can overhear and notice even small things forming an understanding that there is something going on or secrets they feel they just have to unveil.  Each child may have gone their own way with their own friends but when it came to uncovering the information about the family they would work together.

Explaining they would have to move from the apartment after being evicted was unavoidable.  The children realized it was something that would be and even related it to some things they had found stored in the basement assuming it had happened to others and they lost the things they had left there.  They did not want the same thing to happen to them and began to pack.

When the morning came and they did not go to school but were informed they were going to move the confrontation was immediate.  It was a time the parents would have to find a way to hold their ground and do what they thought best for their children and family or risk loosing them forever.

As the story goes on we meet and get to know others that will become important to the individuals and family as a whole.  There would be times and things arise that were unexpected and a time of learning more than what can be taught in books.  There are some things you learn from the heart and that is where they are written.  One certainty they were to learn was the fact that no matter what happens … Life Goes On……

Meeting the old uncle and his friends who come to the aid of the family would be a shock.  None of the children knew him and were unable to find a way around his no nonsense approach to life.  The offensive attitudes and rude actions were not only wasted on him but not tolerated.  There were definitely many things they would be learned but at what cost as the anger and refusal to cooperate increases?

Sharing the moments and growing mountain of obstacles to this family builds as the time nears and arrives to go.  Ready or not they will be leaving and what life the go to is uncertain and unknown to any of them.

Many families suffer problems of different kinds.  We have to find our way in life with those we love.  We have to find a way as Life Goes On for each of us.  I believe that each day is special and we have the chance to do something special or new.  This story is filled with problems and people that are each different.  Different ways of thinking, objectives, hopes, and dreams result in a variety of reactions to any situation.  Differences in the things we fear or dread influence how we respond or the action we might choose to take.  We have a variety of individuals who need to find a way through the difficult times and confusion of life to come together as a family or loose so much they might have had but may never know.

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I hope you stop by and read the reviews and share your thoughts.  I hope your adventures in life bring hope and light and a close and loving feeling with those in you life.

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