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Friday, April 6, 2012

What Will This Day Bring??????

This is my watercolor painting I used to make the book cover

Today is the last day to get the ebook    I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey free.  I wanted this to be something special right before Easter.  It is my own story and I hope it helps others to hold onto hope and know that things can work out if we do not give up….if we do not give up…I think I will read that title over and over.  There are times in all of our lives that are difficult but we must find the strength to deal with so many different things.

I will admit that I have had a set back and have not been doing too well.  I know what I have to do and am working each day to get back on my feet.  That is a depressing thing to deal with.  Any chronic condition is one that may get better but will never go away….it is chronic.

Seeing the beautiful day outside the window you view the world from is often less of a comfort than a reminder of what used to be or could be or should be, but is not in life.  What is it that I look for out that window?  What am I looking for in life?

As I have pondered these things I remember why I wrote that book.  I wanted it to be something that could reach out to others.  I wanted it to be able to touch others and maybe make a difference.  I wanted to share hope.  I need to remember to have hope and courage and find the strength inside to be and do what I know is right.

When you talk about a chronic condition, it is a sad and fear filled thing to have congestive heart failure and the best that the heart can function is in the 30 something percent range.  If a person suffers something like that and multiple other problems including diabetes you worry….what is the future…what will tomorrow bring?

Yesterday the ambulance came and took my mother away to the hospital.  She is so pale.  This breaks my heart.  It has happened so many times before, and each time you never know if it is the last.  Each time I cry for my momma.  Easter is almost here…..

Most families have their issues to work out.  In life we have times that we do not understand what motivates some to act and do as they do.  Sometimes we have to stand our ground and stop being used and mistreated.  Sometimes we have to be able to find the strength to forgive and make peace.  Sometimes we have to stop being angry no matter how much we feel hurt or have been mistreated and just love or stand back.  They say that there is a time and place for all things. 

What ever the issues I might have with one or two family members… it is time to see and focus on what is important.

The love in my heart is what is important.  Finding a way to let my mother feel that love even as she is fighting for her life is important.  Finding a way to stop the tears that are running down my face is important…
I would write more but I will soon be contacting the hospital to see how things are going.  I wrote a book that shared my life and hope it might make a difference.  I am sharing this and more for the same….  I hope it helps someone somewhere who may be going through the same things or other things. 

Easter is almost here and I pray we will all be together this year too even if it is in the hospital visiting.

I am going to sit back and look through my own book.  It is not because I can not remember that far back or do not know what I wrote….  I will look at that book and remember I believe it to be true and I do not need to give up….Not today.

Me and my mother.....
I Will Not Give Up...Not Today...Life Is A Journey     US  UK 

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  1. I just heard good news. She is stable. We do not know a lot but this may be one wonderful Easter after all.