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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life Goes On…Inside the Characters…Part 2

When talking about the mechanics of families and their members it is often far more complicated than what we see and hear.  We may see and hear what a person says or understand what it is they intend to do, but the reasons behind their actions, responses, decisions, or attitudes is a combination of so many things.  It is unnecessary to go into detailed descriptions of all that was or might have been for the character of this story.

The story shows the situation, allowing the reader to understand and get to know the characters.  John felt desperate to save his family from not only being homeless, but from feeling he had lost them to their environment.   He could see and hear the changes that were so evident and dreaded the thought of what the future would bring to each in their own way.  Feeling protective and instinct to provide provokes he even farther to find a solution to something that seemed out of his control.

These feelings are things that may happen to many people in all different circumstances.  We may feel that life has become out of our control and that we are rushing toward a future that is uncertain at best and destructive or disastrous to all.   We want to love and protect those that we love.  As options become more limited the desperation increases. 

With the loss of control in our lives we often fear the changes that result.  If we have no control to direct the changes and have to simply survive, it leaves a vulnerability that is complicated in emotional responses. 

Becky and John had few options available and time had run out to debate what they should do and where they should go.  They both realized that the children would object to leaving all that they had left in life that was familiar to go to a new place with new people where they were sure they would not fit in.   Becky had the same feelings.  John view their prospects of being homeless and at the mercy of the streets with all there was there or life moving to the unknown.  He felt apprehensions that were even greater than how they would fit in, where and what it would be like where they lived, how the children would react to the new life and new schools. 

John felt the burden and responsibility of providing for his family.  He knew he would have to find a job, a home, and a way to make it all work.

Becky had no desire to make changes that were so all encompassing as to relocate to the country from the city life that she knew and understood… from where they were to moving down south… living with in-laws she did not even know and had never felt a bond or even acceptance from… with children she knew would absolutely refuse to go.

She had always tried to talk to and reason with, and even negotiate issues concerning the children with them instead of telling them or making rules.  She knew there would be no negotiating if they wanted to go or would agree to go to live in rural Arkansas.  She dreaded their reactions and the actions they might take to avoid being forced to do something they did not want to do.

The eldest daughter thought she was in love.  She was positive this was the soul mate of her life and that they had all of the answers.  He loved her and she loved him and that was what was important to her.  She would refuse and possibly even want to run away and live with him and his mother.  From the little that Becky knew about them she hated the idea her daughter was involved with the young man at all and found the mother to be no help or asset in the situation.  Becky felt totally helpless to find a way to deal with what she knew was soon going to happen.  They had no other choices.  She had been working as hard as she could and they were steadily going down instead of up in life.

John announced the temporary solution to the concerns about the children having adverse reactions by not telling them until there was no choice.  He was not considering asking their opinions.  Their opinions were not realistic in the adult world where being homeless or in a crisis situation was real.  Living with your friends or boyfriend might seem like an option to them but he was not going to discuss any of what was soon to happen.  He had decided the time had come to be the parent.  They had plenty of friends but where were the friends when you really needed them?  It would be up to them to find a way for the family to survive or suffer the consequences.

Bobby had been so lost when they first left the home that he knew and loved where he had friends and a school filled with happy days and optimism to go to an area filled with threats, intimidations and people he did not understand but feared.  Every moment at school was filled with apprehension, fear, isolation and even abuse and taunts from others.  There was no friend to turn to or smiling face to console his misery.  The hallways were filled with the crowded throngs or masses of students as they went from class to class or pushed and shoved to get a better view of some fight here or there. 

For Bobby to find a way in the transition after the loss of their home he turned to the first friendly and safe sounding option.  He thought it was like a blessing when he met a new friend as he sat on the steps outside their apartment one day.  He considered himself lucky to find a person even though he was so much older who accepted him as an equal and offered not only friendship but protections and opportunities.  If Bobby was one of them, he could make a lot of money doing simple little things like delivering a package here or there or maybe just holding on to it until someone else came for it.  There might be other things too, allowing him to make even more money.  The other people who had picked on him would have to quit because he was not alone anymore.  He had his… friends.   His friends understood how hard things were and they were there for him.  His friends were becoming like family to him.  Day by day he became more alienated to family and oriented to the gang ways of life. 

The youngest child loved them all but would eventually adapt and follow in the foot steps of her elder siblings.

The decision to refrain from explaining plans in advance allowing the children time to make other plans seemed a reasonable plan.  Plans do not always work as we thought but these parents were swept up in circumstances that required they find a way to control and direct the path of their lives.

Becky had voiced her apprehension about the move and living with and actually being dependent on… even if it was temporarily,… family of his they did not really know.  As he explained to her the history of the people there and those that had passed before them she felt no relief.  She felt even more the distance between them and those they might soon be at the mercy of for even shelter.

When the children grew suspicious that there were things going on they need to know about John had to find a way to control the conversation to tell only what he wanted told and yet he did not want to lie to the children.  The situation was difficult enough, but working with the people in the family to keep them united as a family in heart as well as physical location was going to be a difficult task.

During this part of the story we can discover more than what is described about the characters.  We begin to know them as individuals with their own thoughts and feelings.  All of those things contribute to the story in the story.  The people in the situation and the inner being behind the words begin to grow.

For John and Becky the thought of homeless with three children was no option.  The idea of leaving all they knew and found familiar to start their lives over was intimidating.  There was no time for tears if they were to succeed and survive as a family.  They had seen so many families with children running away or the stress and strain being too much and resulting in divorce of the parents. 

Life would go on, but what kind of life that would be was a question they had no answers or means to foretell. 

Part of what kind of life they would have to experience or survive was dependent on the man that made the offer of shelter and a new start for them all. 

We may think that we know someone or know a lot about them but we will never fully know the heart of another.  They knew many things about this Uncle James that offered to help but they did not really know him at all. 

Everything we learn and live in life is reflected in the way we perceive or react to things in life.  It may help us to better understand things and people or be part of what leads us to misunderstandings.  Uncle James had lived a lot in the years of his life.  Accepting a whole family with children who did not know him, and he assumed would not want to come, into his home and life was going to be a challenge.  Uncle James might present a challenge at times to some of the family but if they were going to build a better life they would have to find a way to meet new challenges and succeed.

The time was soon to be when there would be no turning back.  What ever choices and decisions they made would affect their whole future as individuals and as a family.

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